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About the Course

“As Yuan Tze has explained on various occasions, what he included in the original teacher training is the result of an ‘elimination process’. That is, he took out what is considered useful but ‘optional’ and what is left in the program now is ‘essential’. There is no room for further reduction.

Now the Guided or affiliate-led training material is based on the original training Yuan Tze did, with extra materials to fill some gaps to make it more accessible and complete for new trainees. These courses should only build up from the base course of the Guided Training, not down. The content of Tian & Di Yuan & supplementary exercises should not be less than Yuan Tze’s teaching of these methods.” 

Melissa, February 2022

We are delighted that you are involved with facilitating an affiliate-led Level 1 Teacher Training. As part of the training, you will be teaching the content of Tian Yuan, Di Yuan and the supplementary exercises. As you can see from Melissa’s comment above, the content of the teaching of the methods should not be less than Yuan Tze’s teaching. The purpose of this ‘Trainers' course’ is to help you review the methods in detail so you can teach the content as closely as possible to what Yuan Tze presented in the original training.


This course contains:

  • The recordings of the original teaching of Tian Yuan, Di Yuan and Supplementary exercises
  • Transcripts of these videos
  • Checklists of the method content you are required to cover
  • Quizzes and integration exercises to check your understanding of the methods
  • Information on how to conduct the practical test for Level 1

About Yuan Tze

Ren Xue's founder, Yuan Tze, has lived in New Zealand since 2002.  Born in China, Yuan Tze developed Ren Xue and its disciplines after spending more than a decade in the West. Ren Xue combines the best of both worlds. It draws from Yuan Tze’s deep knowledge of traditional Chinese wisdom culture including Daoism, Confucianism, Qigong, Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, I-Ching philosophy, Feng Shui, Taiji, Bagua and martial arts. Yuan Tze has integrated such ancient wisdom with modern philosophy, science, medicine, and technology to create a truly unique and comprehensive system for developing the whole of life.