Experience and deepen your RCN state and gain clarity on your thinking and feeling patterns with Ans

The Qigong practices are easy to follow and delivered in flexible ways. Throughout the practices we will connect with our heart, learn how to observe ourselves compassionately & gain clarity in our patterns of thinking and feeling.

Most sessions we look at a specific pattern and chat about how this unfolds in our daily lives, other times we may look at a specific topic such as “How do you look after your Qi?” ; “How do you build Qi field’s at home” ; “How do you send healing qi to your pet, family member” etc.

The rhythm of this class:

  1. Come back to ourselves (short practice)
  2. Chat about a pattern or a specific Ren Xue topic
  3. Short movement Practice
  4. Heart Meditation / guided self – reflection

A couple of days prior to the session I will send out an email with details on the pattern or the topic we will look at.

Instructor: Ans Wilkin
Language: English
Cost: Donation
Local Time: Monday evenings, 7:00-8:30 pm (Dunedin New Zealand)
More info, links, and registration: ansqigong@gmail.com. Please send me an email and I will send you a zoom link