Ming Yuan and Ling Yuan with Aiyanna

In this class we work on patterns, the heart qualities and Jue Cha. You also learn more about the consciousness and Shen (True Self). Practice is one or two segments of Ren Yuan with a focus on deep relaxation to get Xin Fa (the mind activity) going. I will give you prompts to help you deepen your practice. Doing Ren Yuan this way helps to go into a deeply integrated and unified state and come into the present moment. We use that deep state to do Ling Yuan or Tong Yuan afterwards.

The focus for this term is fear and core belief patterns such as “I am not good enough’’ and “I am not worthy”.

This is an ongoing class of 9 or 10 week blocks with 2 week breaks in between (following the New Zealand school terms).

Instructor: Aiyanna Langemeijer
Language: English
Cost: NZ$175 for 9 classes, discount available if needed.
Local Time: Friday mornings, 10:00 am (Auckland, New Zealand)
More info, links, and registration: http://aiyannasophie.com/classes/
Contact: contact@aiyannasophie.com