Unblock your Qi for a light and free body and happier mind with Aiyanna

Learn Ren Yuan, the 3rd method of Yuan Gong, to improve the health of your whole body.

  • Improve the overall health of your body.
  • Open all the Qi-channels in your body to create a healthy Qi and blood flow to every part.
  • Improve flexibility and the ability to balance.

During Ren Yuan you are working on each part of your body, improving Qi and blood flow. Ren Yuan opens the Qi-channels and is especially effective for preventing illness and improvement of overall health. At the same time, it calms the mind in a profound way.

It also helps you to improve the integration of your body, Qi, and mind, which helps to feel more yourself. This literally can make you feel so comfortable in your own skin and can give a wonderful feeling of wellbeing.

The classes will be recorded, and you will get the link to the recordings afterwards. So even if you cannot be there at the time, you can still do the classes with the recordings.

To register, contact the email address below stating that you would like to join and then I will send you an email with the details.

Instructor: Aiyanna Langemeijer
Language: English
Cost: For people who have done the Beginners Course or another introduction course: NZ$130.
For people who are new: the course includes the first class of the Beginners Course: NZ$145.
Discounts available for those in need.
Local Time: Thursday evenings, 7.00pm – 8.30pm (Auckland, New Zealand time) ONLINE via Zoom
Duration: 8 weeks at 1.5 hours per session
More info, links, and registration: http://aiyannasophie.com/classes/
Contact: contact@aiyannasophie.com