Giving & Receiving

Our Global REN XUE Community

We are so fortunate to be part of a strong and diverse global community on a shared journey of growth and development.  We have people from all over the world contributing to this beautiful REN XUE Qifield that supports our individual and collective progress.
There are many ways we support each other and contribute to this shared effort.  We have a thriving online community that connects through regular events with Yuan Tze, including shared Yuan Gong practices and Tea & Qi sessions led by REN XUE teachers, and through our community Facebook Group where we can share our stories and reach out for support.  We have a thriving community of REN XUE teachers that, through their work on their own lives, are helping others to uplift theirs.  We have regional organizations and communities of practitioners that connect and support community members locally.
We also have a strong heart connection with each other that enables us to both give and receive in this Qifield so we can all progress together. Both giving and receiving are important aspects of our REN XUE teachings—and in balance, this is the natural order of our exchange with each other, with nature, and with the universe. Our community is a place where we can all give and receive as we can and need – because in the end we are all contributing to the shared Qifield.
If you are in the position to give financially to support others, who may otherwise not be able to participate in REN XUE teachings, you have the ability to give when you purchase an event or resource, or you can donate here.
Over the course of 2020 we received over 182 donations, which supported 156 people to attend online events – many of whom wouldn’t have been able to without the support of REN XUE family members.  Through our Teacher Training program a further 32 teachers were supported to begin or progress their training.
If cost is a barrier to you participating in accessing any REN XUE resource that will help you progress in your journey, we encourage you to reach out and access the financial assitance supports we have in place. If you would like support to:


If you would like to gift someone an online event or other learning resource, you can purchase a gift card here.