Voyage to the Shore Part 3


Voyage to the Shore: Part 3 is part of the trilogy series. It contains the translation of the Question & Answer sessions from Yuan Tze’s lectures during several retreats. As you read, you’re taken on a journey through those retreats as though you were there, engaging in the processes of learning, self-discovery and life development. The experience provided is not only real but also profound.

The central ideas and principles presented in this book convey the true meaning and purpose of REN XUE, although on a basic level.

When reading this book, you will experience the connection and exchange between Yuan Tze and his students. During the Question & Answer session you will gain a greater understanding of human culture in all its manifestations. This book conveys valuable information for improving understanding of life and can change your life, if that is what you wish.

Discussion topics covered in Part 3 include:

  • what is the fundamental law of the universe?
  • what is the fundamental law of life as a holistic existence?
  • how do we lose health?
  • what is the fundamental nature of health?
  • what is the most effective approach to regaining and maintaining health?
  • what is the fundamental approach to solving our problems?
  • how can we identify and eliminate those problems of which we are not yet aware?

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