Ali Kay

Ren Xue has changed my life for the better and life continues to get better. The teachings and methods empower us, to become familiar with our mind, Qi (energy) and body and to access our own well-being. Since practicing these methods and applying the teachings to my life, over the past 9 years, I have noticed many beneficial and lasting changes to my well-being, a much greater sense of stability, peace and joy and more energy. I love to teach to uplift my own life and those of others. I am a qualified  Level 6 Yuan Qigong teacher.
I offer Yuan Gong Qigong Classes and Individual life cultivation sessions. The classes are ongoing weekly classes open to all levels. We explore Ren Xue teachings, learn and practice the Yuan Gong methods. These classes are welcoming and supportive. Please see ‘My Activities’ below for more information on classes and  individual sessions.

Motueka, Tasman, New Zealand

021 023 87725

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