Amy Matthaei

I started teaching Yuan Gong in 2013 and since then have offered ongoing classes, weekend workshops, and a week long retreat in Mexico. I also have been in private practice since 1992 providing distance energy healing sessions. I love supporting others in deepening their inner connection, integration, and wellbeing. I am passionate about living at my best and supporting others to do the same.
I have been a student of Yuan Tze since 2013 and am certified through Level Six. My professional background includes solar energy (education, design, and construction), Organizational Development (consulting, teaching), and the Healing Arts (Bioenergy Balancing, Zentherapy, Pranic Healing, Tong Ren, Reconnective). Personal practices of Aikido and Zen were significant to my development.
Ren Xue is the most comprehensive, accessible, effective, and truly integrative system I have found and I feel humbled, honored, and blessed to be a part of this growing community and to be able to share through teaching. I especially love how the Ren Xue system provides such a very clear path, with infinite ways to apply, learn, and grow. Each day I feel I am beginning anew.
My heartfelt appreciation goes continually to Yuan Tze and all my colleagues who have supported the development of Ren Xue over the years.

Port Townsend, Washington, USA


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