Debbie Baxter

I am a treescape artist. I teach Qi Gong to help other artists develop and grow their creativity. Moving through creative blocks, releasing tension and anxiety and opening channels to heightened creativity.
I am a professional artist and a teacher. I run retreats all over the UK helping people to really get in touch and develop their creativity. Painting and drawing -I will help artists and those that wish to get creative to move into an artistic flow state
I am a fully trained and experienced Nutritionist and Shiatsu practitioner. Well versed in the meridians and elemental health. I have been practicing Qigong all my life.
I came across Ren Xue in 2022 and it has opened up another level of practice where I can bring this beautiful Qi form and creativity together and help people really dive deep into their own personal creativity.

United Kingdom


In person teaching:

Online teaching: