Grace Wilson

Since a young age I was always aware that the world needed positive change and was searching for self healing. This led me to study yoga which brought me many benefits . However, when I was introduced to Qigong and Ren Xue, the mission statement of Zi du, Du ren, (uplift yourself to help others) touched me on a deep level and I understood that this path could help me make the deep change I had been searching for. I began to practice and apply the teachings which have helped me to heal past hurts and change unbeneficial perceptions of myself and others.
I am truly grateful for Ren Xue for removing limitations and empowering me to face challenges in my life such as physical injury, single parenting and the experience of close family death.
I have a degree in psychology and I am currently in continuing training towards registration as a psychologist. I am passionate about sharing Ren Xue with others and exploring how Ren Xue can be integrated into mainstream mental health approaches.

Takaka, Tasman, New Zealand


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