Jackie Blunt

Ren Xue is a great system for changing life for the better and I am very happy to teach it. Through Ren Xue my life has become a loving life, and I experience harmony and happiness on a level which I could not have previously imagined. My health is so much better than it used to be even though I am almost 2 decades older than when I started the practices, and as a health practitioner I find it so interesting that there are such effective practices which can be brought alongside our current systems to really nourish and transform our health and lives so much for the better.
Ren Xue and its subsystems of Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming practices are my work, and I teach classes in person and online and do individual work with people to help uplift life on all levels. As a Yuan Ming practitioner, my work is to bring awareness to all aspects of life to help them shine brightly and be beneficial for all.
This means learning to be aware in heart and mind from moment to moment, and as awareness grows becoming more and more able to transform the patterns of our behaviors, feelings and thinking towards what truly nourishes life. As our internal world becomes bright and free, so too does the world we see around us reflect this more and more.
If you would like to work with Ren Xue to create a life of awareness and continuous transformation towards love and wisdom and the freedom of your authentic self, and if you would like a guide, teacher or mentor and you feel that I may be the right person for you, please feel free to get in touch.



Motueka, Tasman, New Zealand

021 2334591

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