Jane Barter

  For me, learning various forms of Qigong over the last 20 years has been a consistently and deeply nourishing, transformative experience. Also as an instructor it has been incredibly rewarding to witness how it changes, supports and empowering others. With dedicated practice, it rejuvenated, replenished and helped me heal the depleted and burnt out state I was experiencing after many years of working as a nurse, witnessing trauma and illness in young children and premature babies.
Qigong has also been a great support for my sensitive and curious nature and continues to foster a life long passion for personal growth and spiritual development.
In 2018, I was blessed to meet Yuan Tze and Melissa. I could feel right away how sacred, clear and profound the level teachings were. I am now thrilled to be part of the Ren Xue family so I can continue growing, developing, changing patterns and sharing the profoundly wise and comprehensive teachings of Yuan Gong and Ren Xue.


Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada


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