Jane Boyajian

I grew up in New England. We spent every summer at the ocean. Each morning, I’d watch the sun sparkling on the water just across the street. So I dreamed a lot. I dreamed I’d be happy…I’d create a world of happiness for those I love…I’d make life better for those less fortunate…I’d do my part for social justice.
Life didn’t unfold as I’d dreamed. I blamed myself: if I’d tried harder, my parents would be happier; if I were more lovable,
I wouldn’t be divorced. Though programs I managed got high marks, I always wished I’d tried harder. If…if…if… The
disconnect between intention and reality generated overthinking…self-doubt. As my negative self-talk deepened, I tried harder. You know the drill.
I’ve also been very lucky:
– I began single parenting on Nantucket Island. My counselor there said clearly: “Get off this island now. You’ve better things to do with your life than staying here! And so we left…finding new possibilities…professionally…personally.
– In Seattle, hard won doors opened: jobs promoting opportunities for vulnerable people; my advanced degree; many successful publications. But, women blazing new career paths at that time were not rewarded with equal pay, benefits, tenure.
So my negative self talk continued. Then my separation from a “dream” job turned nightmare drove me to Buddhism.
And still lucky!
My sangha is closer now via ZOOM. There I’m learning to live in the present moment, rather than the past or future.
– Ren Xue offers untangling my negative patterns…becoming more integrated…yielding a more peaceful home.
– Blending Buddhist meditation and Ren Xue practice supports a more harmonious life, and rethinking what happiness is.
– Now I’m teaching Ren Xue (at Uplift Yourself) and organizing international group travel (Jane & Friends).
– Joys: family…friends…wading at low tide…staring at nothing
in particular…silence…flamenco…laughter…the surprise of insight.
I’ll share what I’ve learned with you: tailoring Ren Xue practices to your life so you can grow personal stillness…amending lifelong habits…diminishing negativity. After all, we all want wholeness and peace, being at home with our life, and in the universe.
Education and Awards
Yuan Gong Master (6 levels)
D.Min., San Francisco Theological Seminary
(Dissertation: ethics, public policy, law, totality) BA, Tufts University
Accredited, Director of Religious Education.
Ordained, Unitarian Universalist minister.
Awards: Minnesota Continuing Education Program of Year;
UU Women’s Federation Women & Religion; Hastings Center Intern
I’ve taught personal, professional and public policy decision making all my life in the US, Canada, Spain.
Currently I teach at Uplift Yourself and Yuan Gong & Yuan Ming Medicine at a retirement community Private classes by request. And Self-Awareness and Organ Health.


Bellevue, Washington, USA

206 280 8813

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