Johanna Qiao Tong

As an artist of 20 years, my creative process has explored relationships and themes related to identity, Qi, consciousnesses, physical form & various states of being.
Committing to the full Ren Xue teachers training in 2014 has helped me to quench my thirst for knowledge about human nature & to also apply this knowledge to my creative process and life.
I have attended Yuan Tze’s retreats & workshops around New Zealand since 2007.
What I have learnt has helped me to understand myself & humanity deeper. It has opened up a very dynamic & interesting pathway for understanding fundamental questions about human existence & offers natural accessible tools and methods to help navigate the challenges of life & achieve a deeper connection with one’s self and the external world.
If you wish to learn or discuss methods and theory’s related to Ren Xue, Yuan Gong & Creativity, please feel free to get in touch & email me at 
Level 6 Yuan Gong certificate
Yuan Ming Medicine Practitioner – Intermediate Level
REN XUE Teacher – Elementary Level
Level 4 NZQF certificate in Museum Practice
Level 3 NZQF Qualification in Tikanga – Te Wananga o Aotearoa
Level 3 NZQF cert in NZ Horticulture.
Skills & interests:
I am interested in Ren Yuan. Tikanga Maori, Landscaping, Building & Restoration projects, Arts & Culture, Heritage, Biodiversity, Regenerative agriculture, Alternative music & Human behaviour.

Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand


In person teaching:

Online teaching: