Marsha Moore

For humanity to move in a direction of health and sustainability for ourselves and the earth we inhabit requires that humans make significant changes on every level of life. Changing what we do and how we do it is one aspect, but humanity has reached a point where this may not be enough. For real change to occur, we must make significant changes in how we think and relate to ourselves, others, and nature. Change at this level is really a change in consciousness characterized by realization and wisdom. Ren Xue is a comprehensive system based on sound practices designed to help humanity make the necessary shifts in consciousness required to not only survive but to thrive in a world guided by wisdom and true understanding. As a Ren Xue teacher and practitioner, I currently express my passion for this comprehensive system for attaining higher levels of realization and wisdom by supporting teachers in their efforts to share Ren Xue with the world.

Kirkland, Washington, USA

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