Munazza Bukhari

I began studying Qigong in 2015 as a result of major health issues. I was in tech and I was running very hard and fast for a long time. It caught up with me. The body comprehended what the mind could not. The last 6 years have been a tremendous process in turning my life around. I strive to get to the root of problems and cultivate ways that empower me to take care of them. So it wasn’t a surprise that I was completely taken in by Ren Xue. Adopting Ren Xue teachings and practices have completely changed my life and my family’s life. It has been an exercise in humility, creativity and patience. It has answered so many questions but most importantly it has taught me that life can be changed for the better…for real. I enjoy teaching all types of Ren Xue practices, but my passion lies with pattern work since it has helped me change more than I could have imagined. I have been helping people with pattern work since 2017.

San Carlos, California, USA


In person teaching:

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