Noemi Szalavari

Starting from teenage years I’ve been dedicated to growing as a person and finding different practices from a variety of traditions to assist me in being mindful, knowing myself better, healing wounds and transforming unhealthy habits. I felt very fortunate that I found Ren Xue because the comprehensive system that Yuan Tze has developed is what I’ve been looking for many years. A system which includes physical practices, meditation, working on patterns and learning about the theoretical aspects of Qi.
Yuan Gong has helped me to get in touch with my body and spirit. It helps me to be determined and consistent with my practice, to grow as a person and hit the reset button in hectic periods of life.
My mission is to help others to discover how Yuan Gong can benefit their lives, create peace and transform patterns to find their true self. On my free time I like to work on my digital illustrations and playing fetch with my dog, …and do Yuan Gong of course! 😉

New York City, New York, USA

In person teaching:

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