Weekend Workshop in Heidelberg, Germany 29/30 April 2023

We are very happy that Yuan Tze and Melissa are returning to Heidelberg after 11 years. This weekend workshop will offer a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where you can mix with both local and international participants. There will be opportunities to explore Ren Xue and learn and practice Yuan Gong with local Ren Xue teachers.

weekend workshop

True Health and Growth – a brand-new path for your life begins NOW

After a long break, Yuan Tze, the founder of Ren Xue, will finally resume his teaching in Europe in spring 2023. The first stop is Germany, where he will hold a weekend workshop in Heidelberg.

This heart-centered event offers a most nourishing experience for your life. Immersed in a strong Qifield built by Yuan Tze, you will be encouraged to open and explore the wonderment of your heart. Yuan Tze’s teachings will be conveyed from his heart to yours. This powerful connection and learning experience creates the possibility for incredible change and growth.

In this heart-to-heart connection, Yuan Tze will shed light on topics such as the true meaning of health and growth and how to achieve them, the true essence of life and of one’s identity, and how to truly be in charge of one’s life.

This workshop is for anyone who wishes to find a clear path forward, a path for achieving good health and true happiness, and for living the full potential of life.

9:30am - 5:30pm, 29/30 April 2023

SRH (Stephen-Hawking-Schule) Neckargemünd, Heidelberg

This special workshop, hosted by local Ren Xue teachers in Heidelberg, will take place at the education company SRH (Stephen-Hawking-Schule) Neckargemünd, a 30 min by bus trip from Heidelberg City. If you are visiting, we highly recommend finding accommodation in Heidelberg Altstadt as it has a beautiful old town with its famous castle and lots of possibilities for dinner/food. On Friday 28th April there will be a guided tour in the Old Town of Heidelberg.

Learn from Yuan Tze

We invite you to join renowned teacher and healer, Yuan Tze, in his first workshop held in Germany since 2012,  Each day you will learn about life cultivation during two lectures, as well as receiving a group Qi Therapy session.

Lectures are given in Chinese, which is translated live to English by Melissa Liu.  Translations into German will be projected in writing simultaneously.

Learn and Practice Yuan Gong

If you are new to Yuan Gong the first method of the Yuan Tze's Qigong system Tian Yuan will be taught by local qualified Ren Xue teachers, Phil Johns and Silke Dreher.

If you already know these methods a shared practice will be offered.

Daily Schedule - for both days

9:30 - 12:00 - Lecture with Yuan Tze
12:00 - 1:20 - Lunch
1:20 - 3:00 - Teaching and practicing of the first method of Yuan Qigong, Tian Yuan, by qualified Ren Xue teachers
3:00 - 3:30 -  Afternoon Tea
3:30 - 5:30 - Lecture and Group Qi Therapy with Yuan Tze

On Sunday an optional morning practice of Tian Yuan will be offered 7:45 - 8:45am

Registration Fees & Form

200€ Standard price
170€ Students, unwaged, qualified Yuan Gong teachers

Includes lunch and afternoon tea


On both days there will be a hot cooked lunch including a mixed salad, a main, and a desert.

Mains will consist of a choice of two freshly prepared Sri Lankan Vegan curries with rice.

Tea, coffee and other drinks will be offered with lunch and afternoon tea, which will include snacks.

What to bring

  • As we sit on chairs during Yuan Tze’s lecture and practice just standing there are no yoga mats required
  • Warm socks if you wish
  • Water bottle or thermos bottle if you wish
  • You can wear your shoes in the assembly hall

Accommodation in Heidelberg

There are plenty of hostels/hotels in the Heidelberg Altstadt. Make sure to find one near Bismarckplatz or east of it (close to the castle) to have a short walk to any bus stop at the river Neckar.

An affordable and recommended place is Hostel Lotte: www.lotte-heidelberg.de - it's quiet!


Guided Walking Tour

We are pleased to offer a guided walking tour (1.5h or 2.5h) of our historical old town and Heidelberg castle just for our “Qigongers” from all over the world. If you are interested in participating please send an email to anneschmidstampfer@web.de

Date and time: Friday 28 April, 5pm-6.30pm 12€ Castle tour one hour extra, 15€
Meeting point: market place at the fountain between church Holy Spirit and town hall
Costs: plus 9€ entrance fee for castle
Guide: Anne Schmidt Stampfer


Phil Johns

Contact Phil

Phone: 0049 (0)152 27168297

Email: jp@institute-for-compassion.de

Silke Dreher

Contact Silke

Email: silke_dreher@web.de

We are very happy that Yuan Tze and Melissa are returning to Heidelberg after 11 years. The last weekend workshop here was in 2012. Since that time much in the world has changed and Ren Xue has become an International organization with over 600 teachers. The Ren Xue system with the methods and theories of Yuan Qigong are providing help for many people to improve their health and quality of life.

The weekend workshop is a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where you will mix with local people and many international participants as well. There will be further opportunities to explore Ren Xue and do Yuan Qigong with local teachers here in Heidelberg, other parts of Germany, and in most continents where there are now many qualified teachers available.

Traveling to the Workshop

From Frankfurt Airport to Heidelberg

There are at least two trains per hour during the day from Frankfurt Airport to Heidelberg (changing train in Mannheim). For further information/tickets check www.bahn.de. It takes about one hour to get there. At the moment a single ticket is 32,90€ (full flexibility). The cheapest is 19,90€ (fixed train, no cancellation).

From Heidelberg Altstadt to Neckargemünd “Bildungszentrum” (=SRH the venue)

By Bus
Bus number 35 runs 3 times per hour from Heidelberg Bismarckplatz (central square) to terminal stop “Bildungszentrum” Neckargemünd. The main entrance of the SRH is next to the bus stop. The bus trip takes 31 min (23 stops in total).

Bus nr 35 has several stops along the river Neckar which flows parallel to Heidelberg Altstadt. So just walk down to the river and find the next bus stop (direction Neckargemünd old town side).

Please be aware that the busses sometimes are delayed or even cancelled. So take one bus earlier.

Check bus nr 35 timetable at the bus stop or via my vrn app.
Tickets are available at VRN eTarif app (3,65€ with bank account details). The easiest way for people from abroad is to buy a ticket at the ticket machine at the bus stop (Preisstufe 3 =price level 3) or you can buy it directly from the bus driver on the bus (4,40€; on the bus only day and single tickets and only € cash).
At the ticket machine there are also day tickets for one/two persons or group tickets (up to 5 persons/ 24 hours) and weekend tickets available.

By Train
Take train S5 to Sinsheim, changing transport in Bahnhof Neckargemünd and then take bus nr 35 from there to Neckargemünd Bildungszentrum. Travel time is 28 min, price ca 4,40€.

Check timetable my vrn app and buy a ticket at the ticket machine.

If you travel directly by train from any place to the workshop book your ticket on www.bahn.de with destination Neckargemünd and make sure that you have a “city tarif”. Then there are no extra costs for the bus in Neckargemünd.

Please be aware that there still could be restrictions due to Covid such as wearing masks on public transport.

By Car
The easiest way is using google maps; enter “SRH Stephen-Hawking-Schule”
Im Spitzerfeld, Neckargemünd. 20 min drive from Heidelberg. There is a big parking next to the “SRH Stephen-Hawking-Schule” which is free, accessible and of course empty at the weekends.