What Is REN XUE?

REN XUE is a life cultivation system that provides a supported pathway to realization and wisdom.  Its theories and methods build the practitioner’s ability to develop a life guided by health, happiness, a sense of wellbeing, growth, and development.  Practitioners are supported by REN XUE’s founder, Yuan Tze, and a thriving global community, all working towards a shared mission of Zi Du, Du Ren—to uplift your own life and to help others uplift theirs.

About Ren Xue 

REN XUE is a holistic approach to enhancing and uplifting life. Founded by Yuan Tze, REN XUE includes two distinct disciplines. Yuan Gong (The Practice), the first discipline, helps individuals find greater peace and harmony through a contemporary Qigong practice. Yuan Ming (The Healing Method), the second, offers healing techniques that can diminish the effects of injury and illness.

REN XUE combines eastern and western thought traditions.

Yuan Tze’s life experience spans both cultures and REN XUE reflects his knowledge of the rich cultural and philosophical traditions of China and his familiarity with developments in western philosophy, science, medicine and technology.

Anchored in a solid theoretical base, REN XUE effects deep, long-lasting transformation in individuals and the greater community. REN XUE and its disciplines can improve energy (Qi), clarify thinking, open the heart, and give meaning to life.

REN XUE’s promise is the possibility of living in a calm, relaxed and natural state, in harmony with yourself, with those around you, and with the natural world.


What is Qigong?

Qigong is an ancient practice dating back 2,500 years and practiced worldwide by an estimated 80 million people. REN XUE integrates its own Qigong system with a modern understanding of health and wellbeing.

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What Is Qi?

Qi is a substance containing energy, information and material. It responds to our thoughts and intentions. Qi is the “building blocks” of the Universe.

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What does "Five Xin" mean?

Short for the five different states of Xin (the heart) characterized by five different qualities and feelings: trust, openness, love, gratitude and Gongjing (true respect).

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REN XUE's Mission

‘Zi Du Du Ren’ is the mission of REN XUE

In REN XUE it is regarded as the ultimate way of realizing the purpose of life. The literal translation, “Help yourself, help others” clearly establishes the importance of raising our own levels of health and consciousness. This is because we can most effectively help ourselves, but also because it is essential to raise our own levels of health and consciousness if we are to help others safely and effectively. The implicit meaning is probably better expressed as: “Help yourself SO that you can help others”. In accordance with the law of life we are all connected, and in helping others wisely we also elevate ourselves and help to raise the level of consciousness of society as a whole. This is the ultimate mission for students of Ren Xue.

Every person is the master of their destiny...

REN XUE emphasizes the importance of being the master of our own destiny and working on changing our destiny according to the laws of life.

  • Everything in the universe and nature has its own laws of development and change;
  • As a part of the universe and nature, human life has its own laws of development and change;
  • As a member of the human race, each individual human being also has his/her own laws of development and change. Every person follows his/her individual laws which is, to a substantial degree, predetermines the course of life.
  • Destiny can be likened to a pre-written ‘program’. Life seems to be the execution of this ‘program’ with no choice. However, the main ‘programmer’ is actually each individual. Continuously, over many lifetimes before the present one, this program has been written. The program for this life is the continuation of the programming from the previous life with some ‘sorting’ work done.
  • Destiny can be understood. It is actually one’s individual law of life.
  • Destiny can be changed. However, it cannot be changed by using the ‘usual things’ that we do. It must be done by following the laws of life and working on the fundamental levels of life. We truly need to work on the key area of life cultivation if we wish to make any meaningful change to life.

Through learning and gaining understanding of destiny and the laws of life, we can work to change our destiny. This is the beginning of gaining control of our own destiny.