REN XUE Teacher Training

Go deeper in your study of Yuan Gong, Yuan Ming, and REN XUE by learning directly from Yuan Tze in the online REN XUE Teacher Training Program.

Whether you aspire to teach or simply wish to access Yuan Tze’s more in-depth teachings for your own health, happiness and well-being, the program can help you enhance your growth toward realization and wisdom.

Ren Xue Teach er Training

If you are joining REN XUE Teacher Training for the first time, please read the overview below on what will be available to you in your training. Alternatively, if you're already on your training journey and wish to move onto the next level, order your materials here.


The six-level REN XUE Teacher Training was taught by Yuan Tze at a two-week residential retreat in New Zealand each year from 2013 – 2018. Because the residential training program will not be repeated, each level was recorded. This REN XUE Teacher Training is the full recording of that original live training.


Training Videos

(mp4 downloads, 70-80 hours for the level)

Demonstration Videos

(mp4 downloads of the Yuan Gong methods for the level)


Training Manual

(a copy of the training notes for the level)

Goals for the Training Program

Zi Du Du Ren - Uplift yourself, help others - is the mission of REN XUE, and this Teacher Training Program provides a path to fulfil this mission.

This training is far more than simply obtaining knowledge or acquiring skills. You will be invited to relate and apply what you learn to your own life and directly experience it. Through doing this you will build a deep and thorough understanding, ensuring you will not only help yourself but also others to grow in a profoundly transformative way.

Through applying the training in their own life, we aim for a qualified teacher to be:

  • a person who is able to continually make progress in life
  • an advanced Qigong professional who can perform high standard Qigong work
  • a practitioner who can help people deal with their problems safely and effectively on the physical, Qi, heart and consciousness levels
  • able to use REN XUE to help other people make progress in the development of realization and wisdom.


Over the six levels of training, the theories and methods of each level build upon those of the previous levels. Developing a solid foundation this way is essential for a teacher to be professional, safe and effective. Therefore, we advise that the sequence of the six levels of training is followed. It is not necessary to commit to doing all six levels to begin with. However, it is strongly recommended that you start with Level 1 and make your way step by step.

The training covers three main areas:

  • Yuan Gong - the comprehensive Qigong life cultivation system of nine methods which follows the principles of working on life step by step, from the basic level to the deeper, and from the external to the internal
  • Yuan Ming - tools used by a professionally trained practitioner to help other people deal with problems on all levels of life, including the body, Qi, heart and consciousness
  • REN XUE – including the three fundamental theories - of Qi, Shen-Yi and Totality














    Yuan Gong

    Yuan Ming


    Yuan Gong Teacher

    Yuan Ming Practitioner


    1st Method – Tian Yuan

    2nd Method – Di Yuan

    Supplementary exercises

    Qifield Building – Group Yi Qi Technique

    The Theory of Qi

    Level 1



    3rd Method – Ren Yuan

    4th Method – Xia Yuan

    Individual Yi Qi Technique

    The Theory of Shen-Yi

    Level 2



    5th Method – Zhong Yuan

    6th Method – Shang Yuan

    Remote Yi Qi Technique

    The Theory of Totality

    Level 3

    Elementary Level


    7th Method – Tong Yuan

    Five Xin Care

    Xin, Wu Xin

    Level 4



    8th Method – Ling Yuan

    Changing Patterns

    Patterns, 10 fundamental patterns

    Level 5



    9th Method – Ming Yuan

    Great Integration for Realization and wisdom

    20 patterns, Realization and wisdom;

    Yuan Gong Master

    Intermediate Level

Support for the Training

To assist your learning, for levels 1 – 3 there are six- weekly Zoom calls hosted by two experienced teachers and private Facebook groups for each level where you can ask questions, share your experiences and meet other trainees. You will also have free access to any REN XUE of the America’s Deep Dive sessions on topics related to your level of training.

After completing Level 1, you are welcome to join the six-weekly ‘New Teacher Launchpad’ meetings, which can help you get your teaching off the ground. You can also connect with the international community of teachers and teachers-in-training via the private REN XUE Teacher Community Facebook group.

Throughout your training, the REN XUE International Teacher Program Team is always here to answer any questions you may have along the way. Email

A Testimonial

I have thoroughly enjoyed the online Teacher Training. I had previously learnt many of the Yuan Gong methods through classes and the retreats but I was really interested in taking my understanding to a deeper level. And the Teacher Training has provided this. I have enjoyed receiving the information directly from Yuan Tze and Melissa and this has undoubtedly helped me progress in my own healing and understanding of life. Having completed a couple of the in-house Teacher Training retreats, the experience of the online program is just as good. I love that it is very flexible, can be completed in your own time, at your own pace and there is a lot of support to motivate, support and facilitate your development.

Amelia Downie, Australia


NZ$540 for each level. Couples' rate NZ$810 when sharing one set of materials.

Please contact us to arrange payment.

This fee covers:

  • Course materials: 70 – 80 hours per level of recordings, a comprehensive training manual, demonstration videos for Level One (Tian Yuan & Di Yuan) and Level Two (Ren Yuan & Xia Yuan)
  • Postage for standard mail (3-6 working days within New Zealand, 15-30 working days outside New Zealand, non-tracked, no signature required)
  • Assessments
  • Certificate


  • Receiving the materials via economy courier, which takes 2-6 working days for delivery and is tracked with signature required involves extra costs: Australia-NZ $15; Other countries-NZ $25
  • $20 is required if the certificate is to be mailed out to the recipient.

If finances are a barrier to you taking this next step, we offer financial assistance of 50% off for people to take up or progress their teacher training.

If you would like to access this financial assistance for teacher training, email Melissa

Application for Training

Step 1 – Fill out the application form

Please fill out the application form. You will receive a reply within three working days. An invitation will be sent to the applicant immediately upon approval of the application.

Step 2 – Order the materials online

When your application is accepted, you may order your materials here.


After completing a level of training, you will be invited to take the test to become a qualified teacher for that level.

The test for Levels 1 and 2 includes both a written and practical component. With the practical test, you will be asked to demonstrate parts of the moving Yuan Gong methods covered in the training. Levels 3 – 6 only have a written assessment as these levels do not have methods that are moving.




Once you have passed the assessments, you are qualified for that level and a certificate will be given to you. If you wait to receive your certificate from Yuan Tze personally when attending one of his events, there will be no additional cost. If you choose to receive the certificate by mail, there is a NZD $20 fee to cover administrative and postal costs.

Listing on Teachers Website

Once you have completed Level 1, you will be given a login key to create your own profile on the REN XUE International website.