Books by Yuan Tze

Yuan Tze is the author of Wellbeing Begins with You, New Beginnings, and Voyage to the Shore Parts 1-3.

Dive in to one of his books today and get first-hand teachings from Yuan Tze and personal stories from Ren Xue students and practitioners.

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Yuan Tze Wellbeing Begins With You

Wellbeing Begins With You

Second Edition Now Available!

Since the first edition was published in 2013, thousands of Ren Xue practitioners have used it as an essential tool for deepening their work on life. In the last ten years Yuan Tze’s teachings have continued to expand and deepen and the Ren Xue system has become more comprehensive and established. This second edition is to better reflect what Ren Xue is now.

Yuan Tze Books

New Beginnings

An Invitation to Know Yourself and Change Your Destiny

This small book contains the teachings of the two-week REN XUE retreat held in November, 2011. The theme of this retreat was ‘Knowing Yourself, Changing Your False Self, Constructing Your True Self’, and the teachings revolved around this theme. This book can the provide the insight you need to make more progress in your health and life development, especially on the level of ‘changing the destiny’.

Yuan Tze Voyage to the Shore Part 3

Voyage to the Shore (Part 3)

An Invitation to Enhance Your Health and Develop Your Life

This book contains the translation of the Question & Answer sessions from Yuan Tze’s lectures during several retreats. As you read, you’re taken on a journey through those retreats as though you were there, engaging in the processes of learning, self-discovery and life development. The experience provided is not only real but also profound.