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Yuan Tze is the author of Wellbeing Begins with You, New Beginnings, and Voyage to the Shore Parts 1-3.

Dive in to one of his books today and get first-hand teachings from Yuan Tze and personal stories from Ren Xue students and practitioners.

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Yuan Tze Wellbeing Begins With You

Wellbeing Begins With You

Use your inner resources to heal your body and your life.

This book presents the teachings of Yuan Tze on healing. It has been written in an informal style so that anyone who sincerely wants to bring change to his or her life can benefit regardless of their familiarity with Ren Xue. At the same time, the teachings are very comprehensive and have great depth. This is one reason they are so effective.

Yuan Tze Books

New Beginnings

An Invitation to Know Yourself and Change Your Destiny

This small book contains the teachings of the two-week REN XUE retreat held in November, 2011. The theme of this retreat was ‘Knowing Yourself, Changing Your False Self, Constructing Your True Self’, and the teachings revolved around this theme. This book can the provide the insight you need to make more progress in your health and life development, especially on the level of ‘changing the destiny’.

Voyage to the Shore

Voyage to the Shore Parts 1-3

An Invitation to Enhance Your Health and Develop Your Life

The Voyage of Shore series aims to help us achieve a greater understanding of our own consciousness so that we can grow and uplift our lives, effectively and safely.

Part 1 & 2 are translations of the Zhineng Qigong Teachers & Therapists Training Program run by Yuan Tze (2004-2008).  Part 3 is the translation of Q&A sessions with Yuan Tze and his students at various retreats.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three