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Learning from Yuan Tze is a unique experience. His talks carry powerful information infused with immense wisdom, love, and compassion. Such information can touch your life on a deep level and effect profound changes.

When participating in an event, you'll learn or deepen your understanding of the tools of REN XUE—a practical and comprehensive approach for improving health, enhancing wellbeing, and living a wisdom-guided life.

Learn from Yuan Tze

Explore Ren Xue teachings through the REN XUE Wisdom repository of free short teachings from Yuan Tze on our REN XUE International website.  This includes his monthly Full Moon message, short reads and videos from Yuan Tze's teachings.

Learning from Yuan Tze is a unique experience.  Whether you are participating in-person, online or via recordings of his teachings you are immersed in the same powerful and loving Qifield.  Here you can access details of Yuan Tze's

Upcoming In-Person Events

Our best hope for the future is the transformation of our own hearts and minds. Let's do this together at Yuan Tze's next in-person retreat in California, the first since 2019.

At this retreat immerse yourself in Qigong, healing, companionship, reflection, nature and another step towards a bright future.

You will have the chance to meet Yuan Tze in-person, ask him questions and listen to his talks about life and transformation. Meet new like-minded people, old friends, learn and practice Qigong and spend an uplifting nine days in the foothills of the California mountains.

There will be a special focus on two core patterns of the consciousness that are at the foundation of our false self, Greediness and Self-centeredness. Yuan Tze will take us on a journey of understanding how these two patterns shape our lives and help us through the process of transforming them at the deepest level.

Go to the REN XUE of the Americas website to find out all details and register for this special opportunity.  This retreat will also be broadcast online and registrations to attend online will open on the Learn REN XUE website in January 2024.

Yuan Tze Event Dates & Calendar


February 24 & 25 (NZDT)
Yuan Tze 2-day online workshop
Part 1 of 2-part series - going deeper on the topic of Identity & Identification

April 13-21 (PDT) 2024
Yuan Tze in-person & online 9-day retreat
Wonder Valley, California

September 7 & 8 (NZST)
Yuan Tze 2-day online workshop
Part 2 of 2-part series - going deeper on the topic of Identity & Identification

November 9-17 (NZDT)
Yuan Tze in-person & online 9-day retreat
Rotorua, New Zealand


May 2025
Yuan Tze in-person & online retreat, Germany

November 2025
Yuan Tze in-person & online retreat, New Zealand

April 2026
Yuan Tze in-person & online retreat, California

November 2026
Yuan Tze in-person & online retreat, New Zealand

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Online Workshop & Series Replays

Identity & Identification

Four-Day Workshop Replay with Yuan Tze

For our work on patterns it is crucial to work on the critical components that construct the false self such as identity and identification, as they are a pre-condition for the formation of healthy patterns.  Unsound identification and false identity and the unhealthy patterns they help create can contribute to the development of our life view, world view, and value system, so we need to know how to identify with what is true as this will determine the direction of life.

Because this is such an important topic Yuan Tze devoted two 2-day events to it.  They were delivered as Part 1 and Part 2 of one workshop.  With Part 1 being devoted to an overview of the topic from Yuan Tze and Part 2 to Q&A.

Take this special opportunity to dive into work on yourself that is essential for learning and growing.

Removing the Barriers to Your Heart

Online Workshop Series with Yuan Tze Replay

Comprising five one-day workshops, Yuan Tze helps us to understand and work on the patterns that are in the way of manifesting unconditional Five Xin: Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude and Gongjing (True Respect).

Many of us are looking to create more happiness, health, and well-being.  Wherever we are at in this process, we need a clear direction and way to understand what is in the way of building on the positive aspects of life. When we know what is in the way, we can more clearly see and understand how to remove these obstacles and transform our lives.

One of the key pieces to improving our life is being connected with our heart on a deep level.  Our hearts hold the Five Xin qualities, as they are a part of our true nature.  If we look at the obstacles in our life, we can probably see that one or more of these heart qualities are weak or even missing.  They are covered up by our unhealthy patterns.  The good news is that there are tools in Ren Xue to understand and work on these obstacles, enabling these heart qualities to manifest unconditionally.

Register here to receive the full five-part series or below for individual workshops within the series.

Removing the Barriers

Workshop 1: Transforming Patterns for Manifesting Unconditional Trust Replay

Unconditional trust is a natural state of our true heart. However, through our life experiences we withdraw our trust and gradually lose the ability to connect with this state.  It is often easy for us to come up with reasons outside of ourselves to not feel trust, but when we focus on these external obstacles, we hand over the ability to make positive change.  Instead, we can focus inward and make true change from within our own hearts to help uplift our lives.

Many patterns have formed in relation to the inability to trust. It might feel like a big undertaking to work our way back to unconditional trust. A clear direction and understanding can help us feel safer and more supported in facing these obstacles.

Feeling this state unconditionally might feel like a big leap, but why not let our true nature come forward?


Workshop 2: Transforming Patterns for Manifesting Unconditional Openness Replay

Unconditional openness is a natural state of the true heart. It enables us to see things as they are and embrace life whole-heartedly. However, in reality, we shut our hearts too readily, especially when we get judgmental or feel challenged in any way. This is the result of unhealthy patterns restricting our views. They are what stands in the way of us feeling the true comfort, ease, and freedom of unconditional openness.

Facing the aspects of life that stand in the way of remaining open to every present moment can be challenging.  Having a clear direction and tools to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of openness is important to feel supported in this process.

How might your life be different if you led with an open heart?


Workshop 3: Transforming Patterns for Manifesting Unconditional Love Replay

Unconditional love is a natural state of the true heart. It is a quality that is so powerful and energizing that it can uplift our whole life.  However, in reality, the manifestation of unconditional love is rare. Instead, love can be associated with unpleasant experiences and challenges.

But where do these more negative associations come from?  Is it from love, or is it from our incomplete views and ideas of what love should look like.  It can be our own expectations of love that get in the way of connecting with unconditional love.

Recognizing, facing, and replacing our own limited ideas of what we think love should entail will help us move closer to experiencing the unconditional love, that is always in our heart.

How would your relationships to yourself and others change if you were connected to unconditional love?


Workshop 4: Transforming Patterns for Manifesting Unconditional Gratitude Replay

Gratitude is a common quality and something many of us are already working towards strengthening in our lives.  But it is not that uncommon to struggle with this quality or want to find exceptions.  One of the most effective ways to find gratitude more easily is to see more clearly what unhealthy patterns are in the way of being grateful.

Unconditional gratitude is a natural state of the true heart. Being able to face the negative patterns and replace them with healthier ones that bring us closer to unconditional gratitude can be challenging.  Having a clear approach and direction is necessary in our process towards connecting with this natural state of our heart.  

How might your life change if you could stay connected with your heart and with gratitude in those situations?


Workshop 5: Transforming Patterns for Manifesting Unconditional Gongjing Replay

Unconditional Gongjing (True Respect) is a natural state of the true heart. If we are truly respecting something for what it is, then the other natural qualities of our heart (trust, openness, love, and gratitude) are manifesting as well.  Living life in this state can lead to a continuous healthy exchange with ourselves and everything around us.

However, most of us find it challenging to connect with this quality in a variety of ways.  It is our unhealthy patterns that cloud our ability to experience life in a state of Gongjing.  When we can face and transform these negative patterns, we can find ourselves closer to our true nature and the true state of our hearts – feeling true respect for everything and everyone in every moment.

If we were each able to live and connect with ourselves and everything around us from this state, can you imagine the positive changes we would see in the world?


20 Years of Ren Xue

Watch the Free Replay

Twenty years ago, Yuan Tze left the country he grew up in and his family and moved to New Zealand. He did so with the aspiration to establish and use Ren Xue to help people. Yuan Tze would like to invite you to revisit the two decades together, sharing with you his internal journey and reviewing this process from the heart.

Many things have happened in the past 20 years. How has the world changed? How have you changed? How has Ren Xue changed? What does the road ahead look like, for you and for Ren Xue?

Living From The Heart

Online Workshop Series with Yuan Tze Replay

Comprising six one-day workshops, Yuan Tze helps us to dispel the unintentional ignorance that prevents us from accessing the treasures of the True Self and the wisdom that lies within.

For each of us, the true way to create a better life is to uplift ourselves by making real change and developing realization. In doing so, our wisdom will grow and create a stronger foundation for how we live. Your True Self is a reservoir holding infinite wisdom—wisdom that is essential to attaining a better life because it enables us to clear the root cause of our problems and live a truly healthy and meaningful life.

In this sereis Yuan Tze helps us to deepen our work on Xin Ling —the practice of connecting with and applying the five essential qualities of the heart to life: Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude, and Gongjing. When our Xin Ling is in a whole and natural state, we can reach our True Self.

Whether you join Yuan Tze's session live or watch the replay recordings, the support of the same powerful, loving, and nourishing Qifield is available to you.

Register here to access the full six-part series as replay or individual topics within the series below.

Workshop 1: True Forgiveness - A Road to Liberation Replay

Being unable to forgive is one of the main sources of pain and suffering in life. In this state, life can be filled with anger, resentment, or even hatred. An inability to forgive creates invisible shackles that lock our Xin Ling, making it impossible to enjoy being in the moment and accessing the wisdom of our True Self. Learning to forgive in a true way can make an enormous difference in life and is essential to restoring a sense of peace and freedom.

True forgiveness is unconditional. However, this does not mean we condone everything and abandon good principles or responsibility. On the contrary, true forgiveness is the true way of following good principles and taking responsibility. When we connect with our Xin (heart) and use wisdom to understand a challenging situation, the process of true forgiveness happens naturally. 


Workshop 2: Humility - A key to Gongjing (True Respect) Replay


A bright and healthy heart is the natural state of our heart. In Ren Xue, an important indicator that our heart is in this state is when it has the presence of the Five Xin (trust, openness, love, gratitude, and Gongjing).

In particular, Gongjing indicates that all of the five qualities are present. This final heart quality is not only essential for Xin Ling but also provides the key to opening the door to our True Self.

To fully connect and open the door to Gongjing, there is another magical key: Humility


Workshop 3: Learn to Cherish and Find Gratitude Replay

Everything we have experienced and received, either in the past or in the future, has a special meaning and value and, therefore, is worth being treated as so. However, this may not seem that straightforward to many people, and it is not always that easy to do so unconditionally.

In life, when we fail to cherish what we have, loss or even damage can ensue. We all know how important gratitude is, but often it is missing from our heart; we seem to lose it more easily than we think. The ability to cherish unconditionally is a good way to build the foundation for the cultivation and manifestation of true gratitude.



Workshop 4: Kaixin Verse - A shortcut to opening the Heart Replay

Yuan Tze’s Kaixin Verse is used in the preparation of some of the Yuan Gong methods. The verse helps practitioners connect with the five essential qualities of the heart and deepen their practice.

It is especially important for the work on Xin Ling and making good use of it will greatly help speed up the progress. In this workshop, Yuan Tze will help you gain a deeper understanding of the Kaixin Verse and discuss ways to apply it creatively, including in your everyday life.

Are you ready to learn how to nurture the opening of your heart?


Workshop 5: Relationships - Build heart-based, meaningful relationships Replay

Life is a process of constantly relating. At any moment, we are engaging in a relationship with ourselves, other people, all the objects and beings around us, and nature and the universe. The quality of our relationships, therefore, plays a significant role in determining the quality of our life. Being able to build a healthy relationship is therefore vital.

A healthy relationship is one that promotes the health, wellbeing, and growth of all parties involved. When we are unable to maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves and the external world, all kinds of problems can be expected, and this is the reality of many people’s lives. To build harmonious and meaningful relationships, our Xin Ling is a key component.


Workshop 6: Creativity - Find solutions and build a better life with the creativity of your heart Replay

Your heart is a source of infinite creativity. In this workshop, Yuan Tze will invite you to open your heart, consciousness, and Shen to learn about and discover the creative power of your Xin Ling. He will also guide you through practical ways in which you can make good use of this creativity.

The uplifting power of a truly connected heart can play an essential role in changing and sculpting your life. When used properly, it can not only benefit your own life but also help uplift humanity in a limitless way. 

Are you ready to connect with your infinite creativity to transform your life?


Online Workshop Series with Yuan Tze

The state we are in plays a vital role in our health, happiness, sense of wellbeing and ability to grow and develop realization and wisdom.  In this series of six one-day workshops, Yuan Tze will work with you through all the essential elements for a good state—relaxed, calm, natural, integrated & unified, harmonious, and Jue Cha (self-awareness and self-observation).

Step by step, you will be able to activate the inner tools that you can use to create a good state so that, no matter how the outer world changes, you can live in the way that is most meaningful and nourishing for your own life and those around you.

Check out details of each of the workshop replays below, or purchase the six-part series replay package here.

Workshop 1 - Relaxed

Beginning with 'Relaxed,' Yuan Tze helps you gain a deeper understanding of this essential element of a good state. And to integrate the learning, you can practice with Yuan Tze in a strong Qifield where you can truly experience the feeling of being ‘relaxed’.

A good state plays a crucial role in our health, quality of life, and growth.

Are you ready to learn how to cultivate and master your ability to create and maintain this healthy and harmonious state?


Workshop 2 - Calm

Being 'calm' is essential for building a good state. However, for most people remaining calm amidst the busyness of daily life can be a real struggle. The exploration of this element will be a great journey of self-discovery.

In a strong Qifield, get ready to truly experience the feeling of being 'calm'.

Are you ready to learn how to cultivate and master your ability to create and maintain this healthy and harmonious state?


Workshop 3 - Natural

Being 'natural' may not be as straightforward to understand and apply as the other elements of a good state. However, it provides an essential foundation.

Discover how 'natural' can help you achieve a sense of freedom, ease, and self-determination with no disturbance by anything, at any moment.

Learn Yuan Tze explains aspect of this topic that he's never shared before.


Workshop 4 - Integration & Unification

The separation of body, Qi, heart, consciousness, and Shen (True Self) is one of the main causes of the problems we have in life. Working on integration and unification is, therefore, essential if we want to deal with problems effectively.

During this workshop, Yuan Tze will guide you through what it means to be integrated, and the benefits it can bring.


Workshop 5 - Harmony

Harmony is the ultimate manifestation of a healthy relationship born out of unification. Internally, it is the relationship between Jing, Qi, and Shen and the relationship with oneself. Externally, it is one’s relationship with all, including other people, other forms of life, objects, nature, and the universe.

Discover more about how the harmonious state is not only extremely beneficial for all aspects of life but, most importantly, creates fertile conditions for the True Self to come forward and manifest.


Workshop 6 - Jue Cha

This is the concluding workshop in the Be the Master of Your State series.

Jue Cha is the practice of exercising self-awareness and self-observation. After working on all the previous five elements of a good state, it is now time to use your ability to maintain this state so that you may work towards the development of realization and wisdom.

Are you ready be the true master of your life?


Nine-Day Retreat Replays

Remove the Barriers to Realization and Wisdom - Nine-day Online Retreat Replay

Register to watch the replay of this nine-day online event that took place in November, 2023. Working to improve life and realizing your True Self can be an endeavor full of hope and drive, leading to positive experiences and transformation. But there can also be many moments of challenge and confusion.  It is not always such a clear and simple journey to our True Self, otherwise we might find ourselves there already.  Instead, you might find that your efforts to apply lead to frustration, uncertainty, and doubt.

These can be major barriers along the way that need more attention, guidance, and support to move past.  Removing these barriers is part of the process of obtaining realization and wisdom, to help us gain more and more clarity.  Most likely it is hard to do this on your own. In this Q&A retreat you will receive the guidance and support necessary to continue moving forward on your path towards more happiness, health, wellbeing, and growth.

Take this opportunity to clear confusion and find clarity.


Seeing Your Original Face 2 - Nine-day Online Retreat Replay

When life is controlled by unhealthy patterns, the True Self and its wisdom cannot manifest. Life will inevitably be the work of the ignorance of the false self. This puts life on the path of creating all kinds of problems. Consequently, natural qualities of life such as health, true happiness, a sense of wellbeing, and growth will not have a chance to manifest

The focus of this 10-day retreat, which took place in France in May 2023, is to work intensively on two of the Ten Fundamental Patterns identified by Ren Xue: Polarized Thinking and Over-Generalization in order to make headway in our effort to shed the false self and let the True Self manifest.

This replay shares recordings of Yuan Tze's daily teachings from France, as well as offering Yuan Gong instruction and practice sessions.


Seeing Your Original Face - Nine-day Online Retreat Replay

In November 2022, for the first time in 3 years after the pandemic, Yuan Tze took a group of 115 people in-person and 190 people online through a special internal journey to shed the false self and realize the True Self.  This replay is a special opportunity to access the teachings from this retreat.

Yuan Tze, the main teacher of this retreat, communicates directly with you on the heart, consciousness, and Shen (True Self) levels.  With a special focus on two of the core fundamental patterns that are at the foundation of our false self, Fixed Expectations and Hiding and Avoiding, Yuan Tze takes us on a journey of understanding how these two patterns shape our lives and help us through the process of transforming them at the deepest level.

Many other Ren Xue teachers also contribute to the program, sharing their wisdom from applying Ren Xue to their lives. All of this takes place in a strong and pure Qifield with potent information of wisdom.  Whether you attended in-person, online or watch the recordings delayed or as replay, this rich Qifield is available to you.

No matter where you are on this path, this retreat will take your growth to the next level.


Embrace Wisdom with Your Pure Heart - Nine-day Online Retreat Replay

Register to watch the replay of this nine-day online event that took place in April, 2022. Many of us are watching the world right now and wondering how things can change and improve.  While there has been progress made in many areas, we still need more to truly make a positive shift.

In this retreat Yuan Tze helps us understand more deeply what our unhealthy patterns are and how to clear them so we can move forward in life from a place of wisdom through the Q&A process.  Yuan Tze's responses to questions are universal and anyone of us can apply the answers to our own challenges and goals.

In addition to the Q&A led by Yuan Tze, three different REN XUE practitioners who have made significant progress in their realization and wisdom contributed as guest speakers.

Are you ready to clear the unhealthy patterns within to truly uplift your life and others?


Going Deeper: Gain Clarity & Grow Wisdom Nine-day Online Retreat Replay

Register to watch the replay of this nine-day online event that took place in November, 2021.  When we look at the challenges we face in our lives, as individuals and as a collective, and we feel stuck moving forward, often it is because we are lacking the ability to see things from a clear and total picture.

In this retreat Yuan Tze uses the Q&A format to help us gain more insight into our problems and true understanding of what will help.  Yuan Tze’s responses aim to help not only the individual questioner, but also answer to the whole so everyone can find the connection to their own lives and make progress with each question.

Through Yuan Tze's resposes you will be able to build a great understanding of how to improve life and how to continue the process with the wisdom of your own heart and Shen.  His answers are timeless and remain relevent whenever you access these teachings.


Gain Clarity & Grow Wisdom - Nine-day Online Retreat Replay

Register to watch the replay of this nine-day online event that took place in April, 2021.  Creating a better life for ourselves and others can be a process of clearing away confusion, misinterpretations and limited understanding, so we are able to have a more complete picture of life.

In this retreat, Yuan Tze provides guidance and clarity through the process of Q&A. These nine days are dedicated to answering questions from the audience to help gain wisdom on specific issues and build the ability to connect with one's heart and Shen.

Through Yuan Tze's responses, you will gain a greater understanding of how to improve your life to create more health, happiness, well-being, growth and development. You will come away with a better understanding of how to continue that process with your own wisdom.


Embrace Wisdom, Transcend Crises - Nine-day Online Retreat Replay

Register to watch the replay of Yuan Tze’s special nine-day online retreat that took place November 2020. He shares ancient wisdom and developments in western philosophy, science, medicine, and technology. You will learn the REN XUE tools and approaches to address the challenges in your life in a holistic, internal, and heart-driven way.

Dorrie van Roij-Houtappels and Norberto Rodrigues, from the Already Free Film, also joined the event to talk about working on the Five Xin and patterns.

We hope you will join us as on this path to realization and wisdom, not just for ourselves, but also for our children, for the future of humankind and Mother Earth. The time is now.


Rise Above a Crisis & Create a brand new life - Nine-day Online Retreat Replay

Register to watch the replay of this nine-day online event where Yuan Tze in April 2020, responding to the global coronavirus situation, shares ways in which you can realize your potential to rise above a crisis and transform your life.

You’ll learn how to manage negative feelings that may arise in life, or be triggered by a crisis, by cultivating the five essential qualities of the heart– trust, openness, love, gratitude and gongjing (utmost respect).  By growing these qualities, Yuan Tze explains how they can help us dramatically improve our ability to react to any crisis more positively and with greater clarity.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery—one that paves a way beyond this crisis towards a greater goal of manifesting realization and wisdom?


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