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Learning from Yuan Tze is a unique experience. His talks carry powerful information infused with immense wisdom, love, and compassion. Such information can touch your life on a deep level and effect profound changes.

When participating in an event, you'll learn or deepen your understanding of the tools of REN XUE—a practical and comprehensive approach for improving health, enhancing wellbeing, and living a wisdom-guided life.

Learn from Yuan Tze

During 2021 all Yuan Tze's events will be online. Whether you join an event live or watch the replay at a later time, the support available to you remains unchanged, and you will be immersed in the same powerful, loving, and nourishing Qifield.

Many have found Yuan Tze’s events profound and life-changing. We hope you can join us for a live upcoming event, or register to watch a replay of Yuan Tze's one-day workshops or nine-day retreats.

Upcoming LIVE Online Events

Sunday, February 21, 9am - 12:30pm

(New Zealand Time)

In the first event of 2021, Yuan Tze will help us understand the meaning of ‘True Forgiveness.’ He will help us learn how to cultivate this tremendous act of self-love that can help us return ‘home’ to our True Self.

Are you ready to feel freer and gain a deeper sense of completion and wholeness?

Registration will open in January - sign up to our newsletter to receive the details.

One-Day Workshop REPLAYS

Online Workshop Series with Yuan Tze

The state we are in plays a vital role in our health, happiness, sense of wellbeing and ability to grow and develop realization and wisdom.  In this series of six one-day workshops, Yuan Tze will work with you through all the essential elements for a good state—relaxed, calm, natural, integrated & unified, harmonious, and Jue Cha (self-awareness and self-observation).

Step by step, you will be able to activate the inner tools that you can use to create a good state so that, no matter how the outer world changes, you can live in the way that is most meaningful and nourishing for your own life and those around you.

Workshop 1 - Relaxed

Beginning with 'Relaxed,' Yuan Tze helps you gain a deeper understanding of this essential element of a good state. And to integrate the learning, you can practice with Yuan Tze in a strong Qifield where you can truly experience the feeling of being ‘relaxed’.

A good state plays a crucial role in our health, quality of life, and growth.

Are you ready to learn how to cultivate and master your ability to create and maintain this healthy and harmonious state?


Workshop 2 - Calm

Being 'calm' is essential for building a good state. However, for most people remaining calm amidst the busyness of daily life can be a real struggle. The exploration of this element will be a great journey of self-discovery.

In a strong Qifield, get ready to truly experience the feeling of being 'calm'.

Are you ready to learn how to cultivate and master your ability to create and maintain this healthy and harmonious state?


Workshop 3 - Natural

Being 'natural' may not be as straightforward to understand and apply as the other elements of a good state. However, it provides an essential foundation.

Discover how 'natural' can help you achieve a sense of freedom, ease, and self-determination with no disturbance by anything, at any moment.

Learn Yuan Tze explains aspect of this topic that he's never shared before.


Workshop 4 - Integration & Unification

The separation of body, Qi, heart, consciousness, and Shen (True Self) is one of the main causes of the problems we have in life. Working on integration and unification is, therefore, essential if we want to deal with problems effectively.

During this workshop, Yuan Tze will guide you through what it means to be integrated, and the benefits it can bring.


Workshop 5 - Harmony

Harmony is the ultimate manifestation of a healthy relationship born out of unification. Internally, it is the relationship between Jing, Qi, and Shen and the relationship with oneself. Externally, it is one’s relationship with all, including other people, other forms of life, objects, nature, and the universe.

Discover more about how the harmonious state is not only extremely beneficial for all aspects of life but, most importantly, creates fertile conditions for the True Self to come forward and manifest.


Workshop 6 - Jue Cha

This is the concluding workshop in the Be the Master of Your State series.

Jue Cha is the practice of exercising self-awareness and self-observation. After working on all the previous five elements of a good state, it is now time to use your ability to maintain this state so that you may work towards the development of realization and wisdom.

Are you ready be the true master of your life?


Nine-Day Retreat REPLAYS

Rise Above a Crisis & Create a brand new life

Register to watch the replay of this nine-day online event where Yuan Tze in April 2020, responding to the global coronavirus situation, shares ways in which you can realize your potential to rise above a crisis and transform your life.

You’ll learn how to manage negative feelings that may arise in life, or be triggered by a crisis, by cultivating the five essential qualities of the heart– trust, openness, love, gratitude and gongjing (utmost respect).  By growing these qualities, Yuan Tze explains how they can help us dramatically improve our ability to react to any crisis more positively and with greater clarity.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery—one that paves a way beyond this crisis towards a greater goal of manifesting realization and wisdom?


Embrace Wisdom, Transcend Crises - Nine-day Online Retreat

Register to watch the replay of Yuan Tze’s special nine-day online retreat that took place November 2020. He shares ancient wisdom and developments in western philosophy, science, medicine, and technology. You will learn the REN XUE tools and approaches to address the challenges in your life in a holistic, internal, and heart-driven way.

Dorrie van Roij-Houtappels and Norberto Rodrigues, from the Already Free Film, also joined the event to talk about working on the Five Xin and patterns.

We hope you will join us as on this path to realization and wisdom, not just for ourselves, but also for our children, for the future of humankind and Mother Earth. The time is now.


Your workshop and retreat purchases do not expire, so you will be able to review these materials as often as you like through your Learn REN XUE Portal.