Dear Ren Xue family,

The Q&A online retreat in April was a very beautiful and nourishing experience for me and, I believe, for the participants as well. Answering questions is a great way for me to direct teaching to the places most needed. We received many meaningful questions before and during the retreat. I answered them in a straightforward way because I felt the participants were ready for that. What I shared was very well received. I knew that because I felt a strong heart-to-heart connection and exchange with participants throughout the retreat. I also knew that meant they were having a profound and powerful heart-opening experience. Most importantly, through this experience, their clarity and wisdom were growing.

Clarity and wisdom, in plain words, are the ability to see reality clearly. That is, to see things for what they are – totality. What we see forms the base for our views, thoughts, judgments, decisions and actions. They will be askew when they are not based on clarity and wisdom, and this is where problems begin.

I would like to continue this process in the retreat in November because it is important and necessary to do so. I will bring the teachings to a deeper level so they can help participants continue to gain clarity and grow wisdom. I always find Q&A a great way to make my teaching relevant. I was amazed at the diversity of the questions we had in the last retreat – they provided the opportunity for me to talk about things I probably would have never thought of talking about! Not to mention they made the retreat extra interesting and special. I really enjoyed answering all these different questions.

The world is changing fast. The retreat will also be a great time to gain insight into the change and how it affects our lives and living. Clarity and wisdom are especially crucial for us to navigate through the changing time so we don’t get lost and can continue to do what is most important for life – growing.

Just like the last retreat, I will do my best when answering your questions to connect with the wisdom of the universe and deliver it to you with my heart and Shen. This process is a great opportunity for you to engage your heart and Shen and connect with the wisdom transmitted. It is also a way to train your own heart and Shen to become more unified so they are better able to tune in with the universal wisdom.

Let’s work together through this amazing heart-to-heart and Shen-to-Shen connection. There is nothing that our hearts and Shen cannot accomplish if we are truly willing.

I look forward to going through this wonderful, creative process of life transformation with you.

Yuan Tze