Getting Started Set (eBook)


Getting your Ren Xue and Yuan Gong practice started? If you have recently learned the methods included in this set from a qualified Ren Xue teacher or through a Yuan Tze retreat and are looking for the practice resources to get started, we’ve created a series of sets to get you going.

This Getting Started Set includes:

  • E-Book edition of Wellbeing Begins With You, written by Yuan Tze
  • Demonstration video of Tian Yuan and Di Yuan you can follow along to
  • Audio providing verbal guidance for Tong Yuan, First Stage
  • Audio providing verbal guidance for Ling Yuan

Once we receive your order and payment, the demonstration video and practice audios will be accessible in your Learn REN XUE portal where they can be streamed or downloaded. The e-Book will also be available in your portal under your order history as a downloadable EPUB file.

It is important to receive instruction from a qualified Ren Xue teacher to learn the Yuan Gong methods before using the demonstration video or practice audios.

For more information about each learning resource, you can read below and follow the links to the individual products.

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Product included in this set:

  • Wellbeing Begins With You (e-Book). This book speaks to conversant Ren Xue practitioners as well as newcomers who are serious about healing and uplifting life. It presents Ren Xue as a roadmap for navigating life. Readers can expect to develop a better understanding of life and the problems we have, and gain clarity on how to work on these problems and uplift life towards a place where natural qualities of life such as health, true happiness, a sense of wellbeing, and growth can fully manifest.
  • Video No.1: Demonstration of Tian Yuan and Di Yuan (37 minutes). This demonstration video follows Audio No.02 and consists of Tian Yuan (18 minutes) and Di Yuan standing form (6 minutes at Lower Dantian, 3 minutes at Middle Dantian and 3 minutes at Upper Dantian).
  • Audio No.21: Tong Yuan First Stage (2h 17 minutes). This audio includes guided meditations inviting us to deeply experience the First Stage of each of the five essential qualities of the heart: Trust (29:21), Openness (21:52), Love (29:41), Gratitude (29:10) and Gongjing (27:09).
  • Audio No. 24: Ling Yuan. This method works on the root level of problems; patterns of the consciousness. By changing our patterns of the consciousness, we can experience enormous benefits on all levels of life, including health.