Workshop Series – Living from the Heart Replay

Thank you for registering for the replay of Yuan Tze’s Living from the Heart workshop series.

Comprising six one-day workshops, Yuan Tze helps us dispel the unintentional ignorance that prevents us from accessing the treasures of the True Self and the wisdom that lies within.

For each of us, the true way to create a better life is to uplift ourselves by making real change and developing realization. In doing so, our wisdom will grow and create a stronger foundation for how we live. Accessing this wisdom is also essential in clearing the root cause of our problems so that we may live a truly healthy and meaningful life.

These workshops took place as live events over 2021, but are timeless in the wisdom they share.

Workshop 1 True Forgiveness - A Road to Liberation

Workshop 2 - Humility - A Key to Gongjing (True Respect)

Workshop 3 - Learn to Cherish and Find Gratitude

Workshop 4 - Kaixin Verse - A Shortcut to Opening the Heart

Workshop 5 - Relationships - Build heart-based, meaningful relationships

Workshop 6 - Creativity - Find solutions and build a better life with the creativity of your heart

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If NZD$300 is a barrier to your accessing these teachings, please contact our Events Coordinator, Chris Dunaway, on and she will work something out with you.