Workshop Series Replay – Be the Master of Your State


The Be the Master Your State’ series with Yuan Tze is a great opportunity to build a solid foundation for life and growth in this time of turbulence and uncertainty.

The state we are in plays a vital role in our health and how we make decisions and operate in our everyday life. The ability to maintain a good state is, therefore, especially important when we face challenges.

In this series of six workshops, Yuan Tze explains the essential elements for a good state—relaxed, calm, natural, integrated & unified, harmonious, Jue Cha (self-awareness and self-observation).

Step by step, you will learn to identify and activate your inner tools to create a good state so that, no matter how the outer world changes, you can live in the way that is most meaningful and nourishing for your own life and those around you.

Each workshop includes:

  • an optional Yuan Gong Practice
  • Yuan Tze’s session (approx 3.5 hours in duration), and
  • learning resources on the topic and wider REN XUE concepts

These workshops are well suited for everyone. If you are new to REN XUE and would like to have a light way to sample it, this is a great opportunity. If you have already been applying REN XUE practices to work on your life, you will find the experience most profound and consolidating.

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