Voyage to the Shore Part 2


Voyage to the Shore: Part 2 is the second book in the trilogy. This special series aims to help us achieve a greater understanding of our own consciousness so that we can grow and uplift our lives, effectively and safely.

Part 2 presents translated teachings of the remaining four levels of the eight-level Zhineng Qigong Teachers & Therapists Training Program run by Yuan Tze (2004-2006).  The framework of REN XUE provides the foundation for all the teachings discussed.

The topics covered in this book include:

  • the role of Dao De in the cultivation of consciousness
  • discussion of everyday life Qigong techniques
  • the connection between Qigong theory and practice
  • four levels of the unification of Shen (True Self) and Qi
  • the definitions of Tiao Xi, why it is a major element of Qigong practice and practical techniques
  • external Qi Therapy – guiding principles, it’s benefits, and various techniques
  • types of special abilities, how they can manifest and guidance on their application,
  • theoretical foundation of Fengshui and considerations for a Fengshui environment

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