Wellbeing Begins With You


Use your inner resources to heal your body and your life.

This book presents the teachings of Yuan Tze on healing. It has been written in an informal style so that anyone who sincerely wants to bring change to his or her life can benefit regardless of their familiarity with REN XUE. At the same time, the teachings are very comprehensive and have great depth. This is one reason they are so effective.

This book differs from many other books because it doesn’t just give advice on what to do, but provides principles to follow that are based on solid information and sound reasoning. Most importantly, it also gives us the tools to make the change happen. For example, the advice to think positively is all very well, but what exactly does that mean and how do you do that while your life is plagued with problems that may bring exhaustion, fear, pain, anger or sadness?

Candid stories from many people who have used the information in the book bring the teachings to life. They demonstrate how the narrators have been able to change their lives in way that far exceeded their hopes. Many of these changes would ordinarily be labelled as miracles. They include changes on the physical, emotional or even mental level.

This book is a manual for making life better, no matter where you are in life. This is Yuan Tze’s gift to you. Your role will be to apply the teachings to bring about the changes you want in your life.

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