REN XUE International Website Changes


REN XUE has a thriving and diverse global community, and to bring us together on this journey of growth and development, REN XUE International (RXI) is working to improve our online spaces.

2020 brought a lot of changes for us, alongside most of the world. The shift to running Yuan Tze’s events online brought about many new learnings and connections. During the nine events that we ran from April to December, over 700 people from our community participated—many of whom otherwise would not have been able to if they were not online.

We have recently launched the first stage of our new website - Learn REN XUE. The goals of Learn REN XUE are to share REN XUE and its benefits with the world by highlighting and providing access to all global REN XUE learning offerings, and to strengthen our community of learning by creating shared online spaces.

Learn REN XUE will house all RXI offerings for learning REN XUE in one place. Via this site, you will be able to:

  • register for future Yuan Tze’s online events or past events that you missed,
  • purchase REN XUE practice audios, demonstration videos and Yuan Tze books
  • find a REN XUE teacher through a directory,
  • join a class via the online class and events calendar, or
  • join the REN XUE Teacher Training Program.

If you have previously had an account with RXI or registered for an online event, you will be able to log in to your new Portal. From your Portal, you will be able to access:

  • recordings of any Yuan Tze online events you have participated in — the content will not expire and be available to you as long as you have an account with us, and
  • any digital downloads you have purchased from the RXI webshop (including historical ones from the Yuan Tze Centre).

In the near future, for REN XUE teachers, you will also be able to access:

  • recordings of all levels of Teacher Training you have enrolled in,
  • the Teacher Library, and
  • Continuing Education courses.

Over the coming months, change will be a constant as we re-develop the existing website and build out the new website to best communicate and share REN XUE and its benefits with the world.  In coming stages of development we also aim to incorporate blogs and forums to tell and share the inspiring stories of REN XUE practitioners.

We warmly invite you to check out and keep an eye out over the coming months for future developments. While you’re enjoying looking around, if you have any feedback, please let us know through this form.

With Wu Xin

The REN XUE International Team