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About the Course

Creating and maintaining clear professional and personal boundaries and respecting confidentiality protects both students and teachers, and creates a sense of safety and clarity that allows for a positive learning experience for all. Between a teacher and student, clear boundaries are essential so that learning can happen and patterns are not triggered. 

Facilitated by Bill McMillan and Monica Simms, this course covers: 

  • What boundaries and confidentiality are and why they are necessary when teaching Ren Xue/Yuan Gong. 
  • Specific examples of boundaries and confidentiality in a Ren Xue/Yuan Gong class. 
  • Patterns that may cause us to cross boundaries or breach confidentiality, and how to resolve them. 
  • Situations when it is necessary to break confidentiality, and how to do so in a good way. 

Time to complete: about 3 hours.

About the Instructors

Monica Simms worked as a psychotherapist in private practice for 35 years, working with individuals and couples. She spent 20 years volunteering for her local rape crisis center where she trained interns, worked with staff and acted as a clinical consultant.  

In 2011, she started to study REN XUE and Qigong and incorporate it into her work. She has completed the six years of teacher training and enjoys teaching in the growing community her classes are creating in Arcata, California. 

Bill McMillan lives in Santa Barbara, California. He retired as a Marriage and Family Therapist after twenty-five years of working with adolescents, adults, and veterans, with an emphasis on family systems, trauma, grief and recovery.  His training includes Level II Certification as an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapist, Hospice training and Family Mediation. He completed the six-year REN XUE Teacher Training and has been teaching a variety of classes since 2013.