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About the Series

The Instructional Video Series provides an easy to use, practical template for teachers to follow as they develop and teach courses on the forms as well as a resource for improving your own understanding and practice of the Yuan Gong methods.

Based on Yuan Tze’s original teacher training, the series features multiple short videos that enable you to easily navigate to the information you want to review. Professionally filmed and edited, the videos provide clear demonstrations to help you finesse your form, as well as suggestions for teaching the methods, including:

  • how to teach specific movements
  • how to teach the theoretical base
  • teaching tips and suggestions that help students learn and apply the information
  • pre- and post- class information to share with students
  • visuals, graphics, and pictures to use when teaching the methods

A Teachers’ Checklist, outlining key aspects from the scripts, is provided as a companion to the videos. This can be used as a guide while you watch the videos, as well as a base for planning your own courses on the method.

About the Course Developer

Marsha Moore started learning Yuan Tze’s teachings in 2009. Her first practice was Pour Qi Relaxation. From that moment on she was hooked and stayed hooked even after learning Stretching Qi. Her teacher studies began with Zhineng Qigong. She was beyond thrilled when Yuan Tze introduced the Yuan Gong training. He had her complete attention when he said it was like dancing!

Marsha’s professional life has been in education; as a teacher, school principal, staff developer, leadership coach and systems consultant. Her primary contribution to REN XUE has been working with and developing materials and training for REN XUE teachers. She is grateful to the teachers with whom she’s collaborated to make these projects come to life. Their collective effort and commitment to REN XUE made the work personally meaningful for Marsha. She believes that together they created resources and training that is so much better because of their shared knowledge and belief in each other and in REN XUE. Her deepest wish is that her contribution will have a positive influence on teachers’ confidence in themselves and their ability to help others. In this way she has perhaps fulfilled her deepest calling for Du Ren.

Marsha Moore

Marsha Moore

Kirkland, WA, USA

Languages: English