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About the Course

Yuan Tze taught the first of the six-level Ren Xue Teacher Trainings in New Zealand in 2013. The core content of that original live training has been restructured and enhanced with additional topics to form this Level 1 Teachers’ Review course. 

Whether you were there in-person in 2013 or have completed your Level 1 Teacher Training by watching all the recordings, this course provides the opportunity to: 

  • Refresh your memory of the original teachings
  • Keep up-to-date with changes to the original teachings
  • Review the methods and refine the accuracy of your movements
  • Refresh and deepen your understanding of the theory 


The course covers: 

  • The system of Ren Xue – including its mission and guiding principles and an overview of its two application systems - Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming. 
  • The practice of Yuan Gong – detailed teaching of Tian Yuan and Di Yuan, the first two methods of Yuan Gong, as well as four supplementary exercises. 
  • Anatomy related to the methods – Qi gates, Dantians, Sanjiao 
  • The Theory of Qi 
  • Yuan Ming Medicine – Qifield building for group Yi-Qi Technique 

The content is presented in a comprehensive manual, illustrated with numerous color graphics and diagrams. There is also selected video content from the original live training, including: 

  •  Qi healing sessions conducted by Yuan Tze 
  •  Group practices of the methods 

Quizzes and reflection exercises after each topic provide the opportunity to check understanding and integrate learnings. 

Buddy Support 

Buddy up with others doing the course, or get together with a group of teacher friends and make your way through together. We provide you with practice activities related to what you are learning, so you can discuss and embed the learnings. 

Time Required 

For those motivated by a timeframe, we provide a schedule that outlines the content to study each week in order to complete the course in three months (with a weekly time commitment of approximately 7-10 hours). For those who like to go their own pace, simply work your way through as suits you.  

Teachers' Review - Level 1 Guided coming next

A “Guided” version of this same review course will be available, where you go through with a cohort over a 3-month period and are supported by two experienced Ren Xue teachers. Compare the two options:

Teachers' Review - Level 1 Self-paced

  • Available now
  • Allows complete flexibility with time - start and finish when you can, or folow our 14-week schedule
  • Learn by yourself, or self-organise your own "buddy group" to progress through the training with
  • Peer support - meet with your buddy groupas often as you like to discuss learnings and practice teaching
  • No cost

Teachers' Review - Level 1 Guided

  • Available May/June
  • Learn over 14 weeks
  • Guided by two experienced teachers, join a cohort of others and progress through the training together
  • Comprehensive support includes whole group meetings alternating weekly with smaller "buddy groups" to discuss learnings and practice teaching
  • A fee will be charged - tbd

About Yuan Tze

Ren Xue's founder, Yuan Tze, has lived in New Zealand since 2002.  Born in China, Yuan Tze developed Ren Xue and its disciplines after spending more than a decade in the West. Ren Xue combines the best of both worlds. It draws from Yuan Tze’s deep knowledge of traditional Chinese wisdom culture including Daoism, Confucianism, Qigong, Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, I-Ching philosophy, Feng Shui, Taiji, Bagua and martial arts. Yuan Tze has integrated such ancient wisdom with modern philosophy, science, medicine, and technology to create a truly unique and comprehensive system for developing the whole of life.

Course Content

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Block 1: The System of Ren Xue
Block 2: The Practice of Yuan Gong
Block 3: The Theory of Qi
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