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Screenshots of Vanessa and Simon leading the training session on Zoom

About the Course

"Through the process of applying Zi Du Du Ren, I came to a much better understanding of a lot of things of life, and at the same time I made a lot of progress in my own life as well. 

When you Zi Du Du Ren, who is helping whom? Through helping others, I truly felt that I was the person getting help. Without them I probably wouldn’t have had the momentum, the driving force, to keep going for such a long time. I have found it a very big source to keep myself disciplined and motivated.” Yuan Tze, Level 1 Teacher Training, 2013 

This course is a series of interviews and discussions with different teachers, exploring how they are deepening their practice through sharing Ren Xue.

New discussions on different topics will be added on an ongoing basis.

Facilitated by Leslie van Gelder.

Leslie van Gelder

Leslie van Gelder


Leslie Van Gelder is an archaeologist, research and strategy consultant, conservation director, and a professor of Education with a focus on global and indigenous studies at Walden University. She has been an educator for over 35 years and her work centers around the relationship between people’s sense of place, their capacity to share their voice, and the wider stories we tell and understand. She studies prehistoric cave art in Australia, France, and Spain where her work has been about embodiment, sound, light, and the impacts of climate change on people’s responses to the environment in the past. 
Leslie came to Ren Xue in 2019 and helps with strategy work for RXI & ARC, and has been involved in a research project looking at Ren Xue practitioners' experience of change. She lives in Glenorchy, New Zealand with her ill- behaved but very loveable dog, Blaze.