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Many people are motivated to practice Yuan Gong and REN XUE by the the desire to improve their health and wellbeing. Therefore, when you teach Yuan Gong or practice Yuan Ming, there is a high likelihood that your students and clients will present with a wide range of health conditions.

Being able to recognize physical and/or mental health conditions that require professional medical attention and knowing how to deal with a medical situation should one occur are foundations of a safe environment for your students and clients. Knowing when to seek professional medical help and how to do so also enables you as a teacher to be in your comfort zone so you can feel more confident and relaxed.

This course was first presented live at the Level 5 REN XUE Teacher Training held in New Zealand in 2017. The information it contains is invaluable for a teacher at any level of training, and is also highly worthwhile rewatching if you have completed the Level 5 Training, and especially so if that training was done more than 2 years ago.

Facilitated by Jackie Blunt, this course covers:

  • why it is important to differentiate between a health condition and a Qi reaction and how to prepare for and deal with a health situation should it occur
  • physical health conditions that are important to recognize as requiring urgent medical review and treatment
  • mental health - how people function when their mental state is healthy; some types of mental health disorders and situations when other therapies are more likely to help than Qigong
  • health professionals in the REN XUE community who you can contact for advice

This course takes approximately 3 hours to complete.

About the Instructor

My background is in the healing arts. I have been a health practitioner for over 25 years and during that time I have explored many different ways of healing.  I have experienced for myself and clearly seen in others the amazing capacity we have as human beings to heal and create lives which are meaningful and deeply joyful on all levels, including our health.