Yuan Gong Practice Sessions

There will be a mixture of shared Yuan Gong practices that are broadcast from the retreat and held on Zoom.

If you are watching delayed or as a replay, recordings of these practices are available and the effects through the Qifield can be just as tangible as live.

*To access the Zoom sessions links or recordings for a specific practice, please click on the practice name in the navigation menu.*

Yuan Gong is a contemporary Qigong practice that helps you find greater peace and harmony in your life.

The following methods will be taught during this retreat:

  • Beginners Instruction (including Tian Yuan & Di Yuan)
  • Ren Yuan
  • Tong Yuan
  • Ling Yuan

We will offer daily practices of the following methods:

  • Tian Yuan & Di Yuan
  • Ren Yuan
  • Tong Yuan
  • Ling Yuan

Check out the program once it is available for full details on the instruction and practice sessions.

Demonstration Videos

If you’re new to Yuan Gong, or simply wish to re-familiarize yourself with the methods, please click on any of the images below to watch a demonstration. We look forward to you joining us in the practice sessions.

Pulling Qi
Dantian Breathing
Tian Yuan - Method 1
Di Yuan - Method 2
Ren Yuan - Method 3