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We invite you to join Yuan Tze’s Removing the Barriers to Your Heart workshop series.

Many of us are looking to create more happiness, health, and well-being.  Maybe you are just starting to recognize the need to put some focus on yourself in this way, or maybe you have tried different things and feel like you haven’t quite found what you’re looking for.  Or you may have started on this path and want to go deeper.  Wherever we are at in this process, we need a clear direction and way to understand what is in the way of building on the positive aspects of life. When we know what is in the way, we can more clearly see and understand how to remove these barriers and transform our lives.

Yuan Tze

One of the key pieces to improving our life is being connected with our heart on a deep level.  Our hearts hold the qualities that are part of our true nature – what we call in Ren Xue the Five Xin (Heart) qualities: Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude and Gongjing (True Respect and Humility).  If we look at the obstacles we experience in life, we can probably see that one or more of these heart qualities are weak or even missing.  They are covered up by our unhealthy patterns.  The good news is that there are tools in Ren Xue to understand and work on these obstacles, enabling these heart qualities to manifest unconditionally.

In this series we will explore

  • The meaning of the unconditional manifestation of the five heart qualities – Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude and Gongjing (True Respect and Humility).
  • How to recognize the unhealthy patterns that are in the way of accessing these heart qualities, our true nature.
  • Ways to work on transforming these unhealthy patterns.
  • How to strengthen our ability to lead our life from our heart and True Self.
  • How to deepen our connection with these qualities to manifest them unconditionally.

How could your life be different if you accessed unconditional trust, openness, love, gratitude and Gongjing from your heart?

Workshop 4: Transforming Patterns for Manifesting Unconditional Gratitude

“When gratitude is missing from our heart, life can easily give way to selfishness, callousness or greed.  It can foster pessimism or the urge to complain or blame.  Do you really want to spend your life like that?  Your heart knows the answer – you need only ask.” – Yuan Tze; Tong Yuan practice

Gratitude is a common quality and something many of us are already working towards strengthening in our lives.  Do you find it challenging to be grateful for certain people, situations, or circumstances?  It is not that uncommon to struggle with this quality or want to find exceptions, even when we know it is something that can be very fulfilling and uplifting to our lives.  One of the most effective ways to find gratitude more easily is to see more clearly what unhealthy patterns are in the way of being grateful and working to change them.

Unconditional gratitude is a natural state of the true heart. Being able to face the negative patterns and replace them with healthier ones that bring us closer to unconditional gratitude can be challenging.  Having a clear approach and direction is necessary in our process towards connecting with this natural state of our heart.

This workshop aims to:

  • Provide a deeper understanding of the true Xin (heart) quality of Gratitude
  • Help us recognize the obstacles that make feeling grateful challenging
  • Support our work in facing and transforming our unhealthy patterns in the way of Gratitude
  • Strengthen our connection to our hearts through unconditional Gratitude

Think of the areas in your life where gratitude does not come as easy.  How might your life change if you could stay connected with your heart and with gratitude in those situations?

What you receive with this Replay

  • 3.5 hours of teachings from Yuan Tze, including a healing session
  • Teachings from REN XUE teachers on  the practices of Pouring Qi, Pulling Qi and Dantian breathing.
  • Recordings the community Yuan Gong practice sessions for the first three methods – Tian Yuan & Di Yuan, Ren Yuan, and Xia Yuan
  • Supporting teaching material on core REN XUE concepts
  • Audio downloads of Yuan Tze's teaching session and healing

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Event Overview and Program


When watching the replay there are two different activities to experience within this workshop:

1. Yuan Gong Practice Session

You will have access to recordings of the global Yuan Gong practice sessions with teachers that took place as part of thisevent. These optional one-hour practice sessions will include Tian Yuan, Di Yuan, Ren Yuan, and Xia Yuan.

If you’re new to Yuan Gong, there is also beginners session to introduce you to some very useful calming techniques.

Read an overview of the Yuan Gong Practice Sessions.

2. Yuan Tze’s workshop

As a guide, Yuan Tze’s session focuses on the following:

• Building the Qifield with Yuan Tze's Heart Prayer (see below)
• Yuan Tze's teachings on the Kaixin Verse
• Ends with a group healing led by Yuan Tze

Yuan Tze's Heart Prayer

Details about the Online Workshop

Explore more details about the event below, including ways to pay and answers to some frequently asked questions.


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Other Options

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How long will the workshop content be available to me?

You will have access to this content as long as you have a Learn REN XUE account with us.

Can we stream part of the event, and pay part of the fee?

There are no prorated, per-day streaming options.

What if I decide later that I don’t want to attend? Can I get my money back?

Cancellations will receive a full refund less $50 (for processing and admin fees).

Is it OK to pay for one registration and share it with others?

We ask that each person who wishes to watch registers separately. We are committed to keeping costs as affordable as we can for everyone and offer many different payment options for people to access the events.

Background Information

If this is your first event with Yuan Tze or you're relatively new to Ren Xue, we invite you to review the following background information to give you insights into why and how Ren Xue came about and the benefits it has brought to people.


About REN XUE and Yuan Tze

REN XUE’s founder, Yuan Tze, has lived in New Zealand since 2002.  Born in China, Yuan Tze developed REN XUE and its disciplines after spending more than a decade in the West. REN XUE combines the best of both worlds. It draws from Yuan Tze’s deep knowledge of traditional Chinese wisdom culture including Daoism, Confucianism, Qigong, Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, I-Ching philosophy, Feng Shui, Taiji, Bagua and martial arts. Yuan Tze has integrated such ancient wisdom with modern philosophy, science, medicine, and technology to create a truly unique and comprehensive systems for developing the whole of life.

REN XUE is a wisdom system developed to help practitioners achieve greater health, happiness, sense of wellbeing, realization and wisdom. It helps us find inner harmony through practices that elevate body, mind and heart, which in turn helps us find outer harmony – in our personal relationships, with society, and with nature.

Learning from Yuan Tze

Learning from Yuan Tze is a unique experience, with his talks carrying powerful information infused with immense wisdom, love, and compassion. Such information can touch your life directly on a deep level and effect profound changes.

When talking, Yuan Tze uses far more than just the usual verbal communication. He also uses his heart and mind to directly transmit information to your heart and mind.

Yuan Tze's teachings are in Chinese and are interpreted by his wife, partner, and interpreter, Melissa. For core REN XUE terminology, Melissa will use the original Chinese terms. Translations of these terms can be read here to help further explain each term and their place within REN XUE.

It's important to remember that REN XUE is a big system and there is a clear path through it with lots of support. Concepts may be mentioned during lectures that you have not yet learned—being relaxed and open to Yuan Tze, and at ease with what you have not yet learned, will best support you to access the teachings.

The system of REN XUE has been developed by Yuan Tze to reflect totality, and as such, the delivery of the teachings is unique from other learning experiences. One of the treasures of Yuan Tze's teaching style is that it allows the participant to quietly contemplate the possibilities that lie beyond absolute answers. Compared to how we receive most of our information online these days, some may experience this as slow-paced or repetitive.

There are two main things that you can do to reach optimal results.

  1. Be in your heart

Open your heart and listen to the teaching with your heart. Connect with Yuan Tze's heart so he can exchange Qi and information with you smoothly. Unify with the Qifield and take everything into your heart. You can read more about heart-to-heart transmission here.

  1. Access the Qifield

A nourishing and powerful Qifield will be built for the event. This Qifield is to support all the participants so everyone can get the most out of the event. Opening your heart and unifying with the Qifield can help you get the most out of it.

Throughout the event, the Qifield will continue to change, and the change comes from the heart and consciousness of every participant. In other words, it is up to all participants to continue to uplift and strengthen the Qifield for the benefit of all.

Hear directly from Yuan Tze in this beautiful (22 mins) video as he talks about his early years.

About Yuan Gong

Yuan Gong is an innovative qigong practice that has been specifically developed for today’s busy lifestyle. While its foundation rests in Chinese tradition, the practice acknowledges and incorporates recent scientific and psychological findings.

The practice works on the body, but also on emotional, physical, and mental levels. It is simple to learn and easy to practice and can be adapted for any physical condition.​ Comprising of nine different methods, Yuan Gong has been designed to be effective even when the practice is brief. Read more about the nine methods of Yuan Gong here.

What Others Have to Say

"Yuan Tze's online workshops are making a significant difference to my life, they are helping me navigate turbulent times both on a personal level and on our collective level (internal and external). I feel such a difference in how I handle stressful situations. I now respond in a way that feels healthier for myself and others."

S.M., New Zealand

“I would recommend it to anyone interested in growth because it provides an incredible opportunity for people like me who wouldn’t normally be able to attend, to have this enriching experience."

A.V., United States

"My understanding of relaxed, calm and natural is completely different from before joining Yuan Tze’s online events."

H.C., New Zealand