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Join us for the Replay of this very special event celebrating 20 Years of Ren Xue

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Part I   Looking Back with Your Heart

Twenty years ago, Yuan Tze left the country he grew up in and his family and moved to New Zealand. He did so with the aspiration to establish and use Ren Xue to help people. Yuan Tze would like to invite you to revisit the two decades together, sharing with you his internal journey and reviewing this process from the heart.

Yuan Tze

Yuan Tze on his 2012 tour of the US

Many things have happened in the past 20 years. How has the world changed? How have you changed? How has Ren Xue changed? What does the road ahead look like, for you and for Ren Xue?

Part II  Group Healing

Yuan Tze will invite you to experience a profound healing in a powerful Qifield.


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You can watch the event in three different ways:

  • Live, as it happens
  • Delayed – if you start the event and it's already underway you can choose to start from the beginning and not what is being broadcasted Live
  • Recordings, after the fact – this is a good option for those in very different time zones. All previously-recorded sessions will be available to you.

Rest assured, whether you join Yuan Tze's session live or watch the recording, the support of the same powerful, loving, and nourishing Qifield will be available to you.

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