RX Self-guidance

Welcome to yourself!
Feeling a bit stuck and have trouble to figure out your next step?
Coming back to our heart and be working on patterns is not that simple. There are prerequisites that might not be that evident at times.

Brand new Renxuer’s you are welcome too! REN XUE is a comprehensive system and you might need some guidance navigating the overall resources. Info for that particular purpose will be gladly shared if needed after the class ends.

In this weekly class, specific topics will be offered in order to consider teachings that could be eventually overlooked. You also could bring your questions (no religion/politics/personal partner matter). I am confident to say that wherever you might be stuck – others are stuck too, to some degree.

Pre-registration by email required for this class at least 48 hours before (Sunday).

Fees are in CAD and will depend of the # of participants, and paid after the class is done as follow:
1 person in the class $30
2 persons in the class $15
3 persons and more in the class $10
I am here for any questions.
Looking forward to going further together 🙂

Instructors: Sylvie Jutras
Language: English
Cost: See information above
Local Time: 7pm
Duration: 90 mins
Schedule: Series of 6 classes on Tuesdays mornings PCT, evenings CET times.

More info, links, and registration: https://www.embracingrenxue.ca/classes-1/