Tong Yuan Heart Series

How would life be different if you regularly felt lighthearted, love and joy? How would it change your daily life and your relationships? The heart plays a very special role in how we relate to ourselves and the world. The heart can bring harmony, peace and joy to life. In this series we will explore the five essential heart qualities of trust, openness, love, gratitude and gongjing (true respect). Tong Yuan, a still Qigong Method, offers a pathway to live from the heart and invites us to experience life in a new way. We will also explore techniques for coming back to the heart, and the moment, so that we can truly experience the beauty of life.

This class is for all levels. Beginners welcome. Movements can be modified to meet any condition.

Instructor: Jana Chamales
Language: English
Cost: $90
Local Time: Weekly on Fridays (Feb 11 – March 18) 12:30 – 2PM Pacific Time
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