Women’s Wellness Circle, Navigating 2022 with Heart

Online event

Navigating 2022 from our True heart. A space to intentionally support and encourage women’s journey of growth in 2022. Foundational practices of Yuan Qigong as well as other lifehacks and tips to nourish and keep your life moving in a positive and uplifted direction in 2022. We will be exploring together how to practically stay more present and live from our True Heart. How by Listening, Trusting, Seeing and Seeking answers from our true heart we will see our own personal challenges more clearly and we can create growth opportunities and feel more freedom when we respond and create new solutions. More specific themes/solutions will be explored in more depth depending on the group eg relationships, parenting, work, woman’s health and wellbeing, world situation navigation. Tue Evenings 7pm and/or Thursday Mornings 9am. Sessions open to all levels including beginners.

Instructor: Natalie Meijer
Language: English
Cost: $180 for 8 week Coaching Block (If there are any financial challenges that are in the way please be in touch)
Local Time: Weekly on Tuesday evenings 7pm
More info, links, and registration: Registration Form
Email: natalie@heartwisdom.co.nz