Awakening Retreat Seeing Your Original Face – part 3

It can feel overwhelming to live in a world where there is so much instability and turmoil. Faced with challenges of all sorts, how do we, as the whole of humanity and as individuals, create the most change? The clearest and most direct approach is working on ourselves. The state of the outer world reflects our inner worlds. The problems the world is faced with stem from individuals, to be more precise, the unhealthy patterns we have. Transforming our own patterns to manifest our True Self is therefore the way to clear problems at the root level.

This retreat will be held live in California, USA and online. It is the third retreat where our focus is shedding the false self to reveal the True Self by transforming patterns. Each retreat we continue to deepen our work and focus directly on two of the Ten Fundamental Patterns identified by Ren Xue. At this retreat we will focus on Self-Centeredness and Greediness. A very strong Qifield will support all that we aim to achieve, including deepening our understanding of these patterns, opening our heart so it can better communicate with the True Self, and most importantly, the manifestation of realization and wisdom, which is the key to transforming these patterns. With the support of the Qifield, you will feel greatly nourished in the whole process.

Although the teachings from each retreat in this series are connected, they do not need to be done in a linear fashion. You can start with this retreat even if you have not done the two previous retreats, which focused on the patterns of Fixed Expectations and Hiding & Avoiding, and Polarized Thinking and Over-Generalization. If you want to watch the replay of either of these retreats, you can find them here.

If we are each able to transform these patterns and uplift our lives, can you imagine the positive impact we can have on the world around us?

This retreat will be taking place from Wonder Valley, California.

REN XUE International is excited to be able to offer an online option for those who are unable to attend REN XUE of the America’s Yuan Tze retreat in person.

The online option will be a mixture of broadcast from the event and Zoom to offer more interactive practice and sharing sessions.

Yuan Gong methods Tian Yuan, Di Yuan, Tong Yuan and Ling Yuan will all be taught online, alongside a program of Ren Xue learning opportunities from experienced Ren Xue teachers, including special guests Norberto Rodrigues and Sylvie Jutras.

More information available here