Free Flow Yuan Ming Web Classes with Andrea

Yuan Ming is the art of connecting to the moment in a state of oneness to experience clarity and wisdom. In these classes we’ll use the tools of Yuan Ming to connect and grow together. This class is for everyone.

Weekly Free Flow Yuan Ming Classes taught by Andrea Harris will focus on:

  • Nourishment
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Gaining freedom through tackling patterns
  • Integration of replacement information
  • Group Qi healings in creative ways
  • Individual sessions with entire group (very effective in changing patterns due to the help of all individuals “lending” their power of awareness through observation – thus helping the recipient overcome or breakthrough hidden blockages)
  • Removing fear of receiving or giving individual sessions (how to tackle that hiding and avoiding from our fears)
  • Support in ones own free flow of Methods 7-9 (heart consciousness, patterns and awareness)
  • Q&A

Instructor: Andrea Harris
Language: English
Cost: Donations are appreciated: 5EUR link, 10EUR link, or 15EUR link. Thank you
Local Time: Sunday evenings (except on Yuan Tze event days), 8:00-10:30 pm (Vienna, Austria). Participate live or watch the recordings.
More info, links, and registration:, to join the live class click here