Breaking Patterns: Method 8 Ling Yuan with Zach

This method 8 class allows you to connect your Xin (heart) and consciousness to uncover the ways that your fundamental patterns are effecting your own inner dialogues, relationships with others, and efforts in creating positive growth and development. Using the practice of Ling Yuan you can find the ways in which your negative thought patterns, behaviors and mindsets operate and what ways you can replace them with more positive patterns.

This class is suitable for those who have previously learned the method.

Instructor: Zach Snyder
Language: English
Cost: Uplift Yourself offers a monthly unlimited (no contract) USD$75 fee, for which you can attend all the classes on the schedule (10 hours a week), link here to view the weekly schedule
Local Time: Friday mornings, 10:30-11:00 am (Washington State, USA)
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