Free Online Patterns Recognition Classes with Kim

June – November 2022. We will go through all 10 fundamental and 20 supplementary patterns of consciousness, helping you to identify how and when these patterns are playing out in your life.

Our consciousness is run by ‘patterns’, which drive our every thought, feeling and behaviour.

The key to releasing ourselves from suffering is to change our unhealthy patterns of consciousness. The first step to doing this is to become AWARE of our unconscious patterns!

In these free (limited time) weekly live classes, you will have the opportunity to grow your self-awareness (‘Jue Cha’) of the 10 fundamental and 20 supplementary patterns of consciousness which cause the most problems in life. Becoming aware IS the first step in change!

Instructor: Kim Knight
Language: English
Cost: Free
Local Time: 10am (Otago, New Zealand) for 45 mins per session. Class times and dates are updated weekly on the confirmation page once you register.
Link for more info and registration: