Identity & Identification – Going Deeper Workshop

As we work on life, we often peel back the layers to go deeper into the understanding of ourselves. This helps us to recognize the deeper patterns behind our thoughts, emotions and behaviors that keep us stuck. As we work closer and closer to the root, to become more effective in transforming unhealthy patterns, it is necessary to work on Identification – the pattern upon which all other patterns are built.

Continuing from the 2-part workshop in 2023 where the topic of Identity & Identification was introduced, the 2024 2-part workshop aims to help us develop the ability to recognize, gain clarity, face, and change the pattern of identification. Learning will be expanded to related topics such as ‘letting go’ or surrendering’ to support the work. In Part-1 Yuan Tze’s talk will focus on:

  • The mechanism that facilitates the formation and development of identification.
  • The interdependence of identification and patterns.
  • The main ways to deal with identification.
  • How to deal with issues caused by identification in daily life.

In Part-2 Yuan Tze will:

  • Use a Q&A format to answer your questions related to identification.
  • Share guidance based on your process of working on identification and your questions that arise.
  • Help clear confusion or obstacles that come up so you can keep moving forward.

It is recommended, but not a requirement, to have completed the first workshop series on Identity & Identification. If you missed this 2023 workshop, you can access the replay here.

For more information on this workshop please visit our Learn Ren Xue website.