Jue Cha – Workshop Six, Be the Master of Your State Series with Yuan Tze

Jue Cha is the practice of exercising self-awareness and self-observation. After working on all the previous elements, it is now time to use your ability to maintain a good state so that you may work towards the development of realization and wisdom.

During this workshop, Yuan Tze will talk about the meaning of Jue Cha and illuminate its importance for life.

You will also learn how to practice Jue Cha and use it to cultivate Five Xin and transform unhealthy patterns so that eventually you will truly be the master of your state. You’ll discover what an amazing tool Jue Cha is for creating the fertile conditions for your True Self to come forward and manifest its realization and wisdom.

In joining this event, you will be immersed in the strong Qifield not only created and nurtured by Yuan Tze but also strengthened by the global REN XUE community who are on this journey together. In this strong Qifield, you will have the opportunity to apply and deepen your experience of Jue Cha.

Join this concluding workshop of the Be the Master of Your State series and let it help you make a step closer to being the true master of your life.