Ming Yuan Class with the practice of Tian Yuan and Di Yuan with Aiyanna

Each class we look at an aspect of Ming Yuan, the method for self-observation and self-awareness, to gain deeper understanding of that aspect and then practice this aspect during the practice of Tian Yuan and Di Yuan. I help you bring awareness of the different elements of Ming Yuan into your practice. Examples are: deepening relaxation, becoming calmer, bringing your heart into the practice, understanding harmony and feeling that while you practice.

This class is for you if you have learned Tian Yuan and Di Yuan and you like to expand your understanding and take your practice to a deeper level. During the classes you will learn Ming Yuan, the practice of self-awareness and self-observation, and how to bring this into your practice. This will help you also to bring Ming Yuan, the practice for attaining realization and wisdom, into your daily life. Classes are recorded so you can keep going back to them and also still do the class if you miss one.

Instructor: Aiyanna Sophie
Language: English
Cost: NZ$165 for 11 classes with discount available for those in need.
Local Time: Weekly on Thursday mornings for 11 weeks, 9-10:50 am (Auckland, New Zealand)
More info, links, and registration: www.aiyannasophie.com