One Day Full Moon Retreat with Vlado

Dear Yuan Gong students, teachers, fellow practitioners and other persons interested in the art of Qigong and Life Cultivation.

It’s a pleasure to invite you to this One Day Retreat filled with Yuan Gong practice, Healing and Self Healing and Ren Xue discussions . The retreat will be conducted in the Global Ren Xue Qifield of the next Full Moon – a Qifield finely tuned and strengthened by Yuan Tze and supported by all of his students around the globe.

The program consists of 6 sessions, 4 of which are dedicated to the practice of both dynamic and static qigong; one, on the art of self-healing and another one on Wisdom Culture.

Instructor: Vlado Rashev
Language: English
Cost: Donation
Local Time: Saturday, 30 September 2023, Eastern European Daylight Time (EEDT)
Ways to Participate: Online, In person, Via recordings
Who may attend: Absolute beginners, Pratitioners, Yuan Gong teachers
More info, links, and registration: Full details