Removing the Barriers to Your Heart – Transform Patterns for Gongjing – One day Workshop with Yuan Tze

Unconditional Gongjing is a natural state of the true heart. It can completely transform our relationship to ourselves, others, different situations, and circumstances. If we are truly respecting something for what it is, then the other natural qualities of our heart (trust, openness, love, and gratitude) are manifesting as well. Living life in this state can lead to a continuous healthy exchange with ourselves and everything around us. We can truly experience health, happiness, and well-being as we grow in this state.

However, most of us find it challenging to connect with this quality in a variety of ways. What is standing in the way of us experiencing this state? The limited views and perceptions that we hold onto. In other words, our unhealthy patterns that cloud our ability to experience life in a state of Gongjing. When we can face and transform these negative patterns, we can find ourselves closer to our true nature and the true state of our hearts – feeling true respect for everything and everyone in every moment.

To support our work towards unconditional Gongjing, this workshop we’ll explore:

  • The meaning and understanding of Gongjing
  • What unhealthy patterns stand in the way of this state
  • Getting clear on how to face and transform our negative patterns
  • Strengthening this quality and living from our heart

If we were each able to live and connect with ourselves and everything around us from this state, can you imagine the positive changes we would see in the world?