Yuan Gong: Stillness in Movement Practice with Hasso

This practice focuses on the first three Yuan Gong Methods; it utilizes them to connect with a deep inner state of unification. It opens the body up to better Qi flow and healing. Specific instructions allow the practitioner to experience their internal connection with Qi, Body & Consciousness. Through this unification with one’s own inner heart and consciousness, true transformation can occur. Practicing in a group creates an amplified qi field that serves a greater collective awakening. Everyone is welcome. Email me if you struggle financially but would like to participate.

Activity instructor: Hasso Wittboldt-Mueller
Language: English
Cost: $15 per session/ $108 per month or as you can pay
Location: Mill Valley, California
Dates: Weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8-9 AM.
Contact: hasso@fully-alive.com
Website: http://www.fully-alive.net/qigongclasses